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Making the Most of Your Visit with the Dermatologist

It is recommended that every individual schedule an appointment with a physician or dermatologist annually in order to have a skin scan of the body completed. During the scan, a doctor will check for any abnormalities like suspicious moles that could become cancerous. There are some ways to prepare before this type of appointment…

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How to Pick the Right Sunscreen

With so many brands and protection levels, sunscreen is a mystery that we’ve all been trying to solve through trial and error. Last time using SPF 30 we got a sunburn, so this time I’ll try SPF 50. The store brand has been working just as well as the name brand, so I’ll save…

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Ways to Get Kids to Drink More Water

There are so many drink options available in grocery stores today. Many of them showcase fun colors and designs as well as princesses and superheroes from favorite movies and television shows. When so many attention-grabbing options exist, it is hard to encourage children to choose water over everything else, but drinking water throughout the…

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Coping with a Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

It is important to notice markings on our skin like moles and perform self-checks regularly in addition to making annual appointments with a dermatologist for professional skin screenings. Taking these preventative measures ensures that should a skin cancer develop we are able to catch it quickly, treat it, and move on with our daily…

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Dehydration and Mental Health

When we exercise, go outdoors in the heat, or simply avoid drinking water, our bodies are at risk for dehydration. Consuming the right amount of water is important for overall health and keeping the body nourished, and the repercussions for ignoring hydration during the day can be quite serious. Some of the ways dehydration…

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Can How You Eat Help Prevent Skin Cancer?

The modern community seems to have united on the fact that sunscreen during outdoor activity is not optional, floppy sun hats are back in style, and it no longer takes a deep suntan to be considered beautiful. Though there is a more conscious awareness of sun damage and how to combat it to keep…

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Foods that Help with Hydration

There are many metrics out there for how much water to consume in a day. Some people abide by the 6 – 8 glasses of water rule while others divide their body weight in half and use that number in ounces as a metric for how much water their body needs for proper hydration….

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Hydration for Exercise

Being hydrated means the body has the right amount of water needed to work within the body and to replenish the water being lost through sweating and breathing. To reach the right level of hydration, it is recommended to drink water all throughout the day and incorporate water-rich foods into the diet, but hydrating…