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What if your kid is the bully (1)-min

Bullying Prevention: What if your kid is the bully?

Whether it was from another parent or a teacher, learning that your child might be bullying others is some of the worst news you can get. Take a deep breath. It’s natural to deny that it’s happening, but it’s okay. You’re not a failure as a parent. You just need to take some steps…

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Breast Cancer Awareness: Talking to your kids about a cancer diagnosis

Experts unanimously say discussing your cancer diagnosis with your kids is a necessity, but knowing you have to do it and knowing how to do it are two different things entirely. It won’t be easy, but you can have some expert advice from people who have already been there.  To start with, kids are…

Two little boys are putting their wellies on at the allotment with help from their mum.

National Farm and Safety Month: Keeping kids safe on the farm

September 16-20th is Farm Safety and Health Week! Farms and ranches are wonderful places for children and youth to live, work and play. But agriculture is also one of the most dangerous occupations in the U.S. We want to cover some of the most important safety tips to keep the farm and your family…

Supportive therapist comforting a young man who lost his parents in group therapy for people in mourning

Suicide Prevention Month: Helping Your Teen Manage The Pressure

If you’re reading this and struggling with suicidal thoughts, the National Suicidal Prevention Lifeline is available to you 24/7. It’s free and confidential: 1-800-273-8255. It might be tempting to compare the struggles you had in high school to the struggles your teenagers are going through today, but the common complaint, ‘You just don’t understand!’…

School Life Balance-min

School-Life Balance is a Thing Too

Work-life balance has become a hot topic these days, and leaving work at work is the solution to keeping that balance. But what about the younger generation, who is still in school and allowing different sorts of anxieties to take them over? Pressures from gaining a competitive edge over others for college applications, peer…

Family holiday in summer putting on sunscreen, playing indoors out of the sun and watching tv

How to Pick the Right Sunscreen

With so many brands and protection levels, sunscreen is a mystery that we’ve all been trying to solve through trial and error. Last time using SPF 30 we got a sunburn, so this time I’ll try SPF 50. The store brand has been working just as well as the name brand, so I’ll save…

Glasses of infused water with fresh strawberries, lime, cucumber and mint leaves, lemon and orange. Focus on the orange slice on the glass

Ways to Get Kids to Drink More Water

There are so many drink options available in grocery stores today. Many of them showcase fun colors and designs as well as princesses and superheroes from favorite movies and television shows. When so many attention-grabbing options exist, it is hard to encourage children to choose water over everything else, but drinking water throughout the…

Benefits of Early Bedtime - KidZone

Get Them to Bed Early to Keep Them Happy and Healthy

Children thrive when on a routine, and creating a routine for bedtimes and naptimes is just another way to show them expectations and to help indicate to them that brushing teeth and putting pajamas on, for example, are the first steps to an end result of, in this case, sleep. The earlier you are…

Keeping kids safe - Kid Zone

Summer Water Safety for Kids

Statistics in Canada show that drowning is the second most common form of death for children under the age of 5, and it only takes 2.5 centimeters or one inch of water to pose a drowning hazard for a child. As summertime draws near, water activities grow in popularity, and safety precautions around water,…

A serious teenage girl gestures as she sits on a couch in her school counselor's office and talks to her unrecognizable counselor.  The counselor takes notes on a clipboard.

Myths About Child Mental Health

Raising children is a taxing task that nobody really ever knows if they are doing right or wrong because of no answers to how and what to do exist. Parents take advice from their parents who guessed and asked their parents what to do. It is a cycle of guessing and trial-and-error that continues….