Physical Health

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Hydration for Exercise

Being hydrated means the body has the right amount of water needed to work within the body and to replenish the water being lost through sweating and breathing. To reach the right level of hydration, it is recommended to drink water all throughout the day and incorporate water-rich foods into the diet, but hydrating…

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Staying Fit Without Feeling the Burn – Sunburn That Is

Exercising on a continuous basis is often a habit for those who do it. It becomes part of a daily routine, but the body does need to re-work exercise style every so often to work the muscles in different ways or work muscles that may not be utilized during any particular exercise. As the…

Health Exercise Safety Tips

Exercise Safety Tips

Though routine exercise is recommended by doctors and safe for most adults, there are some precautions that should be adhered to when starting up an exercise routine. To keep yourself safe and on track to your fitness goals, consider the tips below to make sure you are exercising safely and preparing for exercise properly….

Exercise for Sleep

Exercise Your Way to Better Sleep

In addition to the heart and health benefits of exercise, a fitness routine can improve sleep in a few ways. Physically active people find it easy to fall asleep and stay asleep longer, increasing sleep quality. Carving out that time for a workout can make a big difference, and here are some ways that…

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Exercise Your Brain

It is somewhat common knowledge that physical exercise is something that doctors recommend to patients and something that helps reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart issues. But, did you know that exercising the brain is high on the priority list with physical exercise too? That’s right, it is possible to exercise…

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How Physical Health Impacts Mental Health

The human body is a well-oiled machine that requires maintenance and care to function at its best, and, unlike a car, the body can’t be traded in for a newer model if it gets rundown. In order to take care of the body you are in, there are a certain few things that can…


Wellness Hub Contest

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Get Fit, Do Good

For many, exercise and getting fit are synonymous with a gym membership. If wanting to lose some extra pounds and gain muscle mass, state-of-the-art equipment and weights are going to be necessary, and that means that gym membership is necessary too, right? Wrong. There are tons of ways to lose weight and get healthy…

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Health Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is more often than not done with a selfless heart. Volunteers dedicate their spare time to causes they support because they believe in helping others around them and making the world a better place. While helping others, volunteers receive health benefits from the work that they do as well. One study has shown…


Eating Healthy and Exercising Has an Impact on Vision

It is no secret that a healthy diet and exercise routine are highly encouraged by doctors as preventative measures for their patients to feel better and live longer, more fulfilling lives. Exercise is also known to increase mood and mental state for people who participate in some sort of activity. A lesser known fact…