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Breast Cancer Awareness: Tips for the Best Breast Health

There are a lot of different recommendations and unreplicated studies that talk about what to avoid and what to focus on for your cancer risk. Sometimes it’s important to go over the most assured, best ways you can work on maximizing your health. While none of these is a surprise, here are the tried…

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National Recovery Month: 6 Ways To Support National Recovery Month

Each September, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) asks the nation to observe National Recovery Month increase awareness and understanding of mental illness and addictions, as well as celebrate people in recovery from these conditions. 1) Find Your Local Treatment Center And Spread Awareness Look up where your local treatment center…

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Immunization Schedules for the Whole Family

From infants to adults and even pets, our families are made up of various ages and leg counts. It is important to make sure each family member is healthy, and part of that means staying up to date on immunizations. So, when does everyone need which shot? See below for immunization schedules by age…

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Work-Life Balance, Defined

Many professionals in the world today believe in “having it all”, meaning they want the spouse, the family, the great career, the white picket fence, and lots of interesting hobbies. The problem with “having it all” is that there are only so many hours in the day to do it all. This is where…

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Some UV Rays are Man-made

The sun is the largest and most-known producer of harmful UV rays on the planet, but did you know that there are some man-made sources of UV light as well? From skin treatments and alternate tanning methods to bug zapping and street lights, UV rays can be found in other places besides the sky….

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July is UV Safety Awareness Month

The month of July is colored with swimwear, sunshine, baseball, and the smell of burgers and hot dogs on the grill in the backyard. School is out for the summer for many children, and the thrill of sleeping in and having little or no reading and work to be done puts a smile on…

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Psychological Safety and How to Create It at Work – Just Like Me

It is hard for an individual to find the perfect workplace that fosters creativity, strategic thinking, and freedom to let your views and opinions be known. This ideal workplace is one of psychological safety, the belief that you will not be punished for a mistake. Psychological safety in the workplace embraces employees to take…

National Safety Month

Maintaining a Safe Workplace Starts with You

Safety is a key feature of any corporation around the world. Having employees leave at the end of a work shift in the same or better condition than when they arrived is the highest priority for executive officers and overseers alike, but the office is not only on the boss’ shoulders. It is the…