Vanscoy, Saskatoon


Vanscoy, Saskatoon

Originating as a rural municipality named Logantown, the village 30 km southwest of Saskatoon is now known among its citizens as Vanscoy, which was derived from one of the first settlers to the area – Vern Vanscoy. Even with a new name, residents continued to use the area for its original purpose of farming with an emphasis on grain and livestock.

The area was first explored for potash existence in 1965, and, after four years of exploration, a mine was developed in the area. Today, Vanscoy is home to one of our Nutrien plants that employ thousands of people from Vanscoy and surrounding areas and serves an integral purpose in our company’s overall purpose to grow the world from the ground up.

With the variety of offerings that Nutrien provides, it takes a team comprised of old, young, experienced, new, spontaneous, methodical, and everything in between to accomplish the goals set before us, and our location in Vanscoy slides into place alongside our other facilities as an essential part of the Nutrien team and mission.

From its early days as an agricultural community, Vanscoy has grown to include a facility focused on propelling the agriculture industry forward in an effort to feed the world today and in the generations to come.