How to Help Your Kids Avoid Backpack Strain

At the moment, your kids’ backpacks might be going unused due to recent schooling from home required because of COVID-19. However, some suggestions from Occupational Therapists on how to avoid backpack strain can also be applied to everyday learning, even at home.  Warning Signs Just as you would evaluate your own workstation for its…


Set your Student up for Schoolwork Success

As workflows all over the world have been changing in recent months to slow the spread of COVID-19, so have our students’ school environments. Many students are now learning from home, which may not be designed with their test scores in mind. Here are some ideas on how to set your kids up for…


Yorkton, SK

Our Nutrien family members in Canada are working hard to do us all proud, so we’ll focus this spotlight on the hometown of one of our Saskatchewan-based members, Yorkton, Canada!  Yorkton is a bustling town a few hours outside of Saskatoon. Founded in 1882 by British settlers, it’s known for fun outdoor activities and…


Augusta, Georgia

Most years, golf fans would have all eyes on Augusta, Georgia right now as they prepare for another tournament “Unlike Any Other,” AKA, The Masters. While this year’s event has been postponed to ensure patron & participant safety in light of global COVID-19 outbreaks, this is still a perfect time of year to feature…


Observing Public Health Awareness Week in Our Everyday Life

During the month of April, the healthcare industry celebrates Public Health Awareness Week. This year’s awareness week is scheduled April 6-12, and it seems like there’s never been a brighter spotlight on public health.  With the recent spread of COVID-19 through hundreds of countries, the importance of our public health system is being showcased….


5 Doctors’ Recommendations To Avoid Illness

It’s been stressed on the news recently that we should take extra measures to avoid spreading illness. Here are the top 5 recommendations gathered from doctors for stopping germs in their tracks.  Treat your body well with adequate sleep and healthy foods. This boosts your immune system and makes it harder for cold &…


Finding Balance After A Big Life Change

April is Occupational Therapy Month. This field of study focuses on how to give people the tools to live their best lives. Often, occupational therapists are involved in treatment for patients who are adjusting to their lives after injury or illness changes their abilities. That’s just one event we can encounter,  but these suggestions…


The Mental Health Benefits of Learning A New Skill

When was the last time you were a beginner at something? It might have felt a little awkward and possibly even embarrassing, but what you might not have known is that your brain was getting a major boost! Besides being able to show off a cool new skill, there are actually mental health benefits…


5 Healthy Snacks to Power Your Workday

No matter what your work schedule is like, we’ve all experienced a moment when we lost focus because we were tired or hungry. With the right snacks planned for your workday, you can take care of both of those at once – no nap required!  What to look for in a workday snack A…


Caffeine & Sugar Free Ways to Boost Your Concentration

When we find our attention lagging, we often reach for two quick food solutions: caffeine and sugar. These two chemicals help our brains in a lot of ways, but only in moderation. Here are some ways to boost your concentration throughout your workday, without relying on the mental effects of caffeine and sugar.  Music…