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Borger Nitrogen Manufacturing Operation

Borger Nitrogen is a 24-7 manufacturing operation with various functional groups and schedules (Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Safety Health & Environment). The site manufactures ammonia and urea-based fertilizer products that support farmers throughout the midwest region and beyond. Broger’s Nutrien facility was constructed in 1967 and they celebrated 50 years of operation with the community…

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Our Fork River Nutrien Family

Located deep in the heart of Canada, our Fork River Nutrien Family works hard to support the farmers working hard in Canada and abroad. It might not seem like much when you look at the size of the town or how many employees work there, but it’s good, honest work that helps grow crops…

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Kids can celebrate Movember too!

While they might not be old enough to grow a mustache themselves, kids can help take part in the Movember Movement festivities in a number of ways! Whether it’s through raising money or making fake mustaches, talking with them about the reasons why the Movember Movement happens is the most important part! Make Fake…

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Movember isn’t just about prostate cancer

While Prostate Cancer gets a lot of attention when talking about the Movember Movement, cancer is only half the equation. The Movember movement is also about Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for Men as well, given that men are 75% of suicides in America. The Number One Problem Is A Lack of Open Conversations….

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5 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Health For Movember

Men aren’t living as long as women. Men are more vulnerable to many life-threatening diseases, including coronary heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease, emphysema, cirrhosis of the liver, kidney disease. Men are also more likely to experience alcohol dependence, aggressive tendencies, and suicidal thoughts.  Many of these diagnoses are avoidable and there are steps you…

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Home Care Month: How Home Care Can Improve Mental Health

November is Home Care Month. During this time, it is a good idea to remember just how much home care can improve mental health. It is an excellent and effective way to provide support to loved ones who are going through mental and emotional challenges in their sunset years. Across the United States, there…

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Home care month: how to choose the right provider for your family

What you need to know when choosing the right care provider for your family.  There comes a time in everyone’s life where daily tasks become a struggle, it’s no longer as easy to perform simple tasks such as cooking a meal, using the bathroom, or even making your bed. While families can help, there…

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Home Care Month: Why National Home Care Month Matters

While the Movember Movement gets a lot of attention with all the newfound mustaches, November is also Home Care Month, honoring the millions of people who work to make a difference in the patients and families they serve. Home care, defined as any healthcare services that allow the person to safely live at home,…

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How Caretakers Can Take Care of Themselves

What to do and how to care for someone who is going through prostate cancer.  Did you know that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with more than 47,500 men diagnosed each year in the UK alone? That’s 129 people each day! Affecting one in eight males in their lifetime, it’s…