How to Prepare for Cold Weather

The very end of a year leads people to believe in magic and reflect on the days that passed almost too quickly, and the first of a new year brings a promise for greater things and a fresh perspective. What these two times also evoke is a chill and chattering teeth. Some of the…


Hunting Safety

When the leaves begin to change color and temperatures start to cool off it means one thing – fall is here. For a lot of people, fall means the beginning of hunting season. Hunting season is a time where many families and individuals flock to nearby forests and parks to take part in an…


School Safety Tips

School can be identified as a home for learning. It is a place where young minds go to develop and learn new things. From simple math equations and sentence structure to maneuvering crushes and pimples, students learn a lot about the world around them and develop relationships with others. In and amongst all of…


National Child Health Day 2018

Americans celebrate many holidays and dedicate many days of the year to specific causes that either reminisce on times passed or bring awareness to medical and social issues. Since 1928, one of those days that has been set aside and proclaimed for the United States is National Child Health Day. When this day first…

Hand in hand

Dating Tips for Teenagers

  Teenagers are experiencing a plethora of emotions. Thanks to puberty, new feelings and stronger emotions are in full swing during the teen years. This intense combination leads to strong feelings of like toward the opposite sex and even stronger feelings of disappointment when that like is not reciprocated. There are, luckily, some tips…

Father and Son talking over workbench in garage

Talking to Your Child About Puberty

  Puberty. This is not a comfortable topic for many parents to discuss with their children. Talking about bodily changes and where babies come from is an admittance that the child is growing up and making a shift in the direction of adulthood, which is scary. According to, kids should be aware of the…

Family with dog on the trip

The Importance of Spending Quality Time with Family

  We feel most comfortable when around our family, yet it is more often than not that our family members fall to the bottom of the daily checklist. Allowing family members to be swept under the rug is not only hurtful to their feelings and needs, but this negligence impacts self-development as well. Studies…

Responsibility comes first

How to Talk to Young Kids About Sexual Assault and Harassment

  A hot topic in the world today is sexual assault and harassment in the workplace, but these acts are not limited to adults and certain career fields. Though it falls under the same level of comfortability as the dreaded sex talk, teaching children about sexual assault and harassment has become just as necessary….

family - fam history 2

What is Family History?

  Doctors’ offices keep a plethora of clipboards around to have their patients fill out form after form upon arrival for any sort of appointment. Beginning with name, date of birth, and contact information, these forms continue to ask a series of mundane questions until finally reaching, what some consider to be the hardest…

Pregnant Woman Relaxing With Tea

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

  Women have been both gifted and cursed by the miracle of child bearing. Pregnancy can be a joy to some while it is endless queasiness for others, and the awkward requests from strangers to touch that ever growing belly isn’t at the top of anyone’s favorite things about being pregnant list. Aside from…