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Helping Your Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions

  If you like setting New Year’s resolutions, you might want to get your kids involved. Not only is it a fun activity, but they can also better themselves while doing it! Keep the Focus on Being Better Rather than talking about in terms of what is wrong with your kids, try to keep…


Financial Wellness and Planning: 5 Ways To Teach Kids Financial Wellness

Some good methods to help your kids be more financially responsible and keep them on a good track for when they make their own decisions. 1- Avoid Impulse Purchasing Though it is mostly a rule for children old enough to understand what an impulse buy is, keep them from making big purchases on the…

Getting Your Kids Involved in Holiday Cooking-min

Getting Your Kids Involved in Holiday Cooking!

Bringing the whole family into cooking! Younger kids might not be able to help that much, but you’d be surprised at how much help an extra set of responsible hands can be!  Have Your Older Kids Prepping Ingredients and Cutting Vegetables If they’re old enough, don’t be afraid to let you kids prep ingredients…

Best Ways For Your Kids To Give Back To Your Community-min

The Best Way For Your Kids to Give Back To The Community

There are many fun ways your kids can give back to your local community, here’s a select few. When people think of giving back, they automatically think of adult volunteering. While this certainly is a form of giving back to your local community, many families don’t realize that your kids can also get involved….

Kids celebrate Movember-min

Kids can celebrate Movember too!

While they might not be old enough to grow a mustache themselves, kids can help take part in the Movember Movement festivities in a number of ways! Whether it’s through raising money or making fake mustaches, talking with them about the reasons why the Movember Movement happens is the most important part! Make Fake…

National home care month_ talk to your kids about home care-min

National home care month: How to talk to kids about Home Care & Hospice

As a part of National Home Care Month, we thought we’d discuss those difficult conversations surrounding home care and hospice. As we grow up, it’s our parents who look after us. They cook, they provide, they support us and listen to us through tough times. However, one day, there’s a strong likelihood that this…

What if your kid is the bully (1)-min

Bullying Prevention: What if your kid is the bully?

Whether it was from another parent or a teacher, learning that your child might be bullying others is some of the worst news you can get. Take a deep breath. It’s natural to deny that it’s happening, but it’s okay. You’re not a failure as a parent. You just need to take some steps…

talking to your kids about diagnosis-min

Breast Cancer Awareness: Talking to your kids about a cancer diagnosis

Experts unanimously say discussing your cancer diagnosis with your kids is a necessity, but knowing you have to do it and knowing how to do it are two different things entirely. It won’t be easy, but you can have some expert advice from people who have already been there.  To start with, kids are…

Two little boys are putting their wellies on at the allotment with help from their mum.

National Farm and Safety Month: Keeping kids safe on the farm

September 16-20th is Farm Safety and Health Week! Farms and ranches are wonderful places for children and youth to live, work and play. But agriculture is also one of the most dangerous occupations in the U.S. We want to cover some of the most important safety tips to keep the farm and your family…

Supportive therapist comforting a young man who lost his parents in group therapy for people in mourning

Suicide Prevention Month: Helping Your Teen Manage The Pressure

If you’re reading this and struggling with suicidal thoughts, the National Suicidal Prevention Lifeline is available to you 24/7. It’s free and confidential: 1-800-273-8255. It might be tempting to compare the struggles you had in high school to the struggles your teenagers are going through today, but the common complaint, ‘You just don’t understand!’…