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Kids Activities, December 2020

Enjoy these free printable activity sheets for the month of December. This month, make silly snowflakes with emoji faces, and learn about different winter holidays around the world!  Silly Snowflakes Winter Holidays

Wintertime Crafts for Kids

Are your kids getting bored while they’re stuck indoors for the colder months? Keep little hands busy this season by creating fun winter-inspired crafts! Here are 3 easy crafts you can make with supplies you most likely have at home! Plastic Plate Snow Globe This is a flat version of a classic snow globe,…

Make Community Service Fun!

Sometimes the words “community service” can get associated with boring school projects or punishments. But your family can turn serving people in need into a fun time that will bring you all lifelong memories. Here’s a few ways you can make volunteering into a fun time for you and your kids, while making a…

How Your Kids Can Support Older Family Members

During the transition to home care, the focus is often on how adults can support the care of their elderly parents and family members. However, there is much that an entire family can do to show love for their elders, including kids of all ages. This helps strengthen generational bonds and makes this time…

Kids Activities, November 2020

Enjoy these free printable activity sheets for the month of November. This month, learn the parts of a seed, and help the miner match their safety equipment!

10 Twists on Retro Games for all Generations

If you’re a family with multiple generations under one roof, chances are you’ve had some disagreements about what types of games are the most fun. For older generations, Fortnight can seem as foreign as Monopoly might be to young kids. Here are some fun twists on classic games that will make them new for…

Kids Activities,October 2020

Enjoy these free printable activity sheets for the month of October. This month, practice mindfulness by coloring in a mandala coloring sheet, and match rhyming farm words!

5 Fun Fitness Games For Families

Do you remember when fitness became more about reps and less about play? There’s no reason you can’t put a little fun back into your healthy routine! These games can be played by the whole family, whether you have a big yard or you play at a local park. Try them out and put…

Teaching Tolerance to Your Kids

During bullying prevention month, let’s examine the root cause of bullying in order to better understand how to eliminate this harmful behavior: Intolerance.  Why is tolerance important?  All bullying behavior comes from a person taking issue with a perceived difference between themselves and their victim. Whether it’s their physical abilities, socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality,…

Kids Activities,September 2020

Enjoy these free printable activity sheets for the month of September. This month, you’ll help the gardener water his flowers with a connect-the-dot drawing page, and you’ll learn about symmetry by drawing a butterfly’s wing! Connect-the-Dots Gardener Butterfly Symmetry Drawing page