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Kids Activities, April 2021

Enjoy these free printable activity sheets for the month of April. This month, get ideas for a meditation corner, and take a sharing pledge for World Health Day 2021 Make a Meditation Corner Sharing Pledge Coloring Sheet

Bedtime Routines to Soothe Restless Nights

We all know how frustrating a restless night can be as an adult,  but parents know it’s even harder when your kid can’t get to sleep! Sleeplessness and poor sleep quality can impact a child’s learning and moods during the day, so it’s very important that your family’s bedtime routines set your kids up…

Make Time For Play to Take the Stress Away

Did you know that even before virtual schooling during the pandemic, kids were spending an average of 3-5 hours a day using some sort of screen device, such as a smartphone, computer, or tv? As many schools switched to virtual learning last year and families stayed home for their health, that amount has only…

Kids Activities, March 2021

Enjoy these free printable activity sheets for the month of March. This month, learn about poisonous plants to avoid, and get inspired to stand against discrimination for Elimination of Discrimination Day March 21 Watch Out for Poisonous Plants! Stand Against Discrimination Coloring Sheet

Standing Up Against Discrimination

We all want to raise kids that are brave in the face of bullying. We can teach them to speak up when things are unfair, but how do they know how to stand up for people who are being picked on? What would your kids do if their friends and classmates were being bullied…

Ask Me Anything: Being Honest with Your Kids

This month we’ve focused on a few ways that your family can work to help end discrimination in your communities. A lot of those efforts start with having honest conversations about history and hate, which can sometimes be uncomfortable. Honesty is a trait we want all of our kids to carry with them in…

Kids Activities, February 2021

Enjoy these free printable activity sheets for the month of February. This month, learn about February holidays around the world, and color a fun sheet for Valentine’s Day.

Help Your Kids Overcome Doctor Fears for Better Lifetime Health

When was the last time you visited the doctor? A commonplace checkup might seem like a normal event for most people, but for some, it is the cause of major anxiety! Your kids might even show signs of fear around doctors, especially if they don’t know them very well. In fact, fear of doctors…

Have a Heart – With Art!

February isn’t just the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day. As Heart Health month, we celebrate the heart and all the amazing things it does! Here are some art projects that give your little ones a chance to express their own hearts in creative ways.  Ribbon Hug This project helps kids give hugs to anyone,…

Kids Activities, December 2020

Enjoy these free printable activity sheets for the month of December. This month, make silly snowflakes with emoji faces, and learn about different winter holidays around the world!  Silly Snowflakes Winter Holidays