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How to Help Your Kids Avoid Backpack Strain

At the moment, your kids’ backpacks might be going unused due to recent schooling from home required because of COVID-19. However, some suggestions from Occupational Therapists on how to avoid backpack strain can also be applied to everyday learning, even at home.  Warning Signs Just as you would evaluate your own workstation for its…


Set your Student up for Schoolwork Success

As workflows all over the world have been changing in recent months to slow the spread of COVID-19, so have our students’ school environments. Many students are now learning from home, which may not be designed with their test scores in mind. Here are some ideas on how to set your kids up for…


Brain Injury Awareness Month: Keeping Your Kids Safe from Concussions

Nothing is quite as scary as your child getting permanent brain injuries without warning and without any signs. Here is a quick guide to concussions and how to keep your kids safe   Every Sport Has Its Risks While football rightly receives the most attention and concern for concussions, it’s by no means the…


Gardening Activities with Your Kids!

The one time you don’t mind seeing your kids playing in the dirt! Spring is here and it’s time to start gardening! One of the best ways to get kids involved in some physical exercise and maybe even some chores without them realizing it. Have A Plant Growing Competition! Separate out a space for…


Great Pet Therapy Ideas for Your Kids

Sometimes when your kids are stressed out or overwhelmed, you can help them out through pet therapy! While it might not be official pet therapy, just taking them to visit or interact with animals can give them a much-needed boost to their moods. Here are a couple of great ideas for animals you can…


5 Great February Holidays To Celebrate With Your Kids

International Day of Women and Girls in Science An especially important holiday to celebrate for daughters, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science honors the contributions women have made to science and encourages girls to consider becoming scientists themselves! Help pass the message along by going to museums or interactive science centers,…


Helping Your Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions

  If you like setting New Year’s resolutions, you might want to get your kids involved. Not only is it a fun activity, but they can also better themselves while doing it! Keep the Focus on Being Better Rather than talking about in terms of what is wrong with your kids, try to keep…


Financial Wellness and Planning: 5 Ways To Teach Kids Financial Wellness

Some good methods to help your kids be more financially responsible and keep them on a good track for when they make their own decisions. 1- Avoid Impulse Purchasing Though it is mostly a rule for children old enough to understand what an impulse buy is, keep them from making big purchases on the…

Getting Your Kids Involved in Holiday Cooking-min

Getting Your Kids Involved in Holiday Cooking!

Bringing the whole family into cooking! Younger kids might not be able to help that much, but you’d be surprised at how much help an extra set of responsible hands can be!  Have Your Older Kids Prepping Ingredients and Cutting Vegetables If they’re old enough, don’t be afraid to let you kids prep ingredients…

Best Ways For Your Kids To Give Back To Your Community-min

The Best Way For Your Kids to Give Back To The Community

There are many fun ways your kids can give back to your local community, here’s a select few. When people think of giving back, they automatically think of adult volunteering. While this certainly is a form of giving back to your local community, many families don’t realize that your kids can also get involved….