Mental Wellness


Bullying Prevention

Adolescent years are full of changes and growth. From wearing deodorant and dealing with acne for the first time to maneuvering the challenges of peer pressure, there are a lot of challenges that school-aged children face, and, unfortunately, there is another challenge that is becoming a larger issue – bullying. To know whether or…


Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness

Did you know that approximately 1 in 5 adults in the US experience mental illness in a given year? That’s 43.8 million people. Pretty shocking, isn’t it? The prevalence of mental illness is something that needs to be addressed and discussed more regularly. Far too often, those who struggle with mental illness are also…

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5 Mental health goals for the new year

  Most people tend to make New Year’s resolutions around their physical health, such as resolving to start dieting or exercising. However, we tend to overlook New Year’s resolutions that involve our mental health. Our mental health is central to every part of our lives, and we’re probably worse at taking care of that…

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Top five mental health apps

  Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety have become more prevalent in our society, and while therapy and support groups are still a huge part of managing mental illness, clinicians have turned to mobile apps as tools for aiding their patients’ treatment. These apps can be especially helpful for teenagers and young adults suffering…

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Millennials and Mental Health

  Millennials are often referred to as the “anxious generation.”  They were the first to grow up with the constant overflow of the Internet and social media, and while the Internet can make life better, it can also make life complicated, as Millennials often compare their personal and professional achievements to everyone else’s. This…

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Tips to Staying Healthy and Happy During the Holidays

    The holidays are supposed to be a time of excitement and happiness, spending time with friends and family, and going to parties.  However, all the extra things can cause you to be stressed out, which can negatively affect your health.  Try these tips to keep yourself in the holiday spirit this season….

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Ways to Practice Self-Care

    Between work, family, and friends, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.  If you don’t, you’ll end up burnt out, struggling, and possibly physically ill. Here are some ways to practice self-care.  Remember,…

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Why it is Important to Take a Break From Technology

  While technology is incredibly useful, and much needed, it can be far too easy to become too dependent on it, and have our devices with us at all times.  84% of cell phone users say they wouldn’t be able to go a single day without their device, and 67% of cell phone users…

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Common Questions About Counseling; Why Should You See A Counselor?

    The American Counseling Associations defines counseling as “a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.”  Counseling is appropriate for anyone, at any stage in their life.  Unfortunately, there can be a bit of a taboo around needing to see a counselor,…