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American Diabetes Awareness Month

  Diabetes is a disease that impacts millions of people. Because it is so widespread, there is an entire month dedicated to the awareness and management of it, and the month is November. Many consider Thanksgiving and football with the month of November, but there is a greater underlying theme to the month in…

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Good Balance Requires Mental and Physical Fitness

  With age comes the loss of many bodily features that are often taken for granted by younger persons. Joints and muscles begin to ache, bladders need emptying more often, and balance becomes slightly harder to control. There are things that can be done mentally and physically to maintain balance and avoid harmful falls….

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Tips for Long Term Exercise Success

  Everyone knows they should exercise to be healthy, and many people start exercising with good intentions.  However, it’s easy to slip up and miss a day, and then never pick it back up again.  The following tips should help you establish a routine, and hopefully give you more long-term success with your exercising….

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Running: The Right Stride is Your Natural One

  Whether a long-time runner or a beginner, each stride forward is one that your body chooses, and it is chosen for a reason. Studies have been done on the subject to prove that the natural length of one’s stride is the right one for that person. Our bodies know when something is okay…

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Physical Activity Improves Physical and Mental Health

  Regular physical activity can help reduce your risks for many diseases and conditions, as well as improve your overall quality of life.  The general advice is to aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day, and to minimize the amount of time in a prolonged sitting position.  The following are…

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What are the Benefits of Group Training?

  It can be difficult to exercise by yourself; if you’re just starting out, you might be unsure of what you’re doing, and even if you’re experienced it can be lonely or boring. If you’re not sure where to start, or feel stuck in a rut with your normal routine, think about giving group…

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Tips to Get More Exercise into Your Daily Life

  It has been ingrained into many of us that staying fit is a lifestyle change, but also for many of us a routine exists that is comfortable and organized that does not include a fitness routine. There are small adjustments to the daily schedule that can increase the amount of daily exercise had…

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Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

  The age-old struggle of weight loss and weight management is becoming increasingly difficult thanks to high stress, busy schedules, and the convenience of fast food. Oftentimes, it seems as though there are not enough hours in a day to fix healthy meals and snacks and get an ample amount of exercise. One solution…

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Exercise is Medicine – How Does Exercise Help Improve Your Quality of Life?

  While everyone knows they probably should be exercising, and that exercising is a key way to help lose weight, does exercise have more benefits to your overall health? The answer is a resounding yes! Many call exercise the best preventative drug for common ailments, including psychiatric disorders, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer to…


A Beginner’s Guide to Pilates

  Somewhere in your exercise research you’ve stumbled upon something called ‘Pilates.’ You may have heard of it before you began your research, but what is Pilates? This article will walk you through the basics of the exercise, and where it came from.   What is Pilates? Pilates is a core strength exercise founded…