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Observing Public Health Awareness Week in Our Everyday Life

During the month of April, the healthcare industry celebrates Public Health Awareness Week. This year’s awareness week is scheduled April 6-12, and it seems like there’s never been a brighter spotlight on public health.  With the recent spread of COVID-19 through hundreds of countries, the importance of our public health system is being showcased….


5 Doctors’ Recommendations To Avoid Illness

It’s been stressed on the news recently that we should take extra measures to avoid spreading illness. Here are the top 5 recommendations gathered from doctors for stopping germs in their tracks.  Treat your body well with adequate sleep and healthy foods. This boosts your immune system and makes it harder for cold &…


3 Ways Daylight Savings Time Shows You Need More Sleep

When you look at the numbers behind Daylight Savings Time, there’s a pretty good reason to believe we all need to go to bed earlier. You might not be excited about losing that hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Savings Time, which will begin on March 8th this year, but there’s actually a lot…


Spring Cleaning Tips To Deep Clean Your House

Some quick tips to help you in your endeavor to deep clean your house!   Clean Room by Room The best way to start is to completely clean a room and then move on to the next, rather than completing a single chore through the entire house. This will help keep you organized and…


Avoiding Viruses During The Winter Season

Whether it’s the Coronavirus or the flu, you can take some easy steps to be safer this winter! Wash Your Hands! The best and simplest way to avoid any viruses during the winter is to consistently and effectively wash your hands. The CDC recommends scrubbing your hands for at least 20 seconds after you’ve…


How To Prepare For A 5k

Statistically, most people sign up for 5k races at the beginning of the year and struggle to follow through. If you need help going from a couch potato to 5k runner, this article is for you!   Step 1: Sign Up For A Fitness App for 5ks Sign up for an app designed to…


New Year’s Resolutions You Might Not Have Considered

Avoid the usual New Year’s resolutions with some of the best unique ideas you might not have considered. Meditate While it has become more popular recently, meditation is a great unexpected addition to anyone’s New Year’s resolution. While meditation might sound easy, just sitting and thinking about nothing, it can be quite challenging to…


Financial Wellness and Planning: How To Set Realistic Financial Goals

  While sticking to New Year’s resolutions is important, what’s even more important is sticking to your financial goals in 2020. Here is a quick guide on how to think about and set financial goals so that you can stick with them. Creating Larger Financial Goals is Easy. When financial planning, the big goals…

Traveling in December_ Here Are Some Quick Tips To Stay Comfortable and Healthy! -min

Traveling in December? Here Are Some Quick Tips To Stay Comfortable and Healthy!

Travelling can be stressful. Make your experience that little better with these quick tips. Whether you’ve planned a road trip, have a long journey ahead, or are venturing on holiday, traveling can always be a bit more enjoyable with some good planning. Figuring out which road to take, which terminal your flight is at,…

Preparing Your Home and Life for the Cold-min

Winter Is Coming: Preparing Your Home and Life for the Cold

Your car won’t start, you’re wrapped in three sweaters, and all you want is to warm up. Sound familiar? If so, this article is for you. We discuss how to prepare your home and life for the cold, making winter the idealized cozy by the fire rather than shivering in bed. Home Inspection  Prior…