4 Fun Indoor Activities for the Whole Family!

Now that the Holidays are over, here are some fun ideas to have fun, stay warm, and stay sane indoors!

Movie Night With Hot Chocolate!

Pick out a movie everyone would enjoy seeing and have a movie night with hot chocolate! Kick it up a notch by having multiple types of hot chocolate, or all three kinds of marshmallows! Try a homemade recipe or adding peppermint to make it even more unique. No matter their age, your whole family can have a great night together without leaving the house!

Indoor Camping/Pillow Forts

A favorite among kids of all ages: making a giant indoor pillow fort! Catalog all of your couch pillows, blankets, and high furniture and create the ultimate space for creativity! Bring in tv and you can watch movies or TV from the comfort of your pillow fort! Another idea if you have camping gear is to bring it all inside for a camping night in the living room! As an added benefit, you can test out all of your gear (and any new additions) inside your living room and make sure it is functional and effective!

String Obstacle Course

This one is always a challenge. Clear a lane of a room with some chairs and furniture carefully spaced out on the sides or make use of a long hallway. Using a ball of yarn, start crisscrossing the lane so that your kids can barely squeeze through the gaps. The same way that spy movies have laser security systems, have your kids try to get to the other side without touching any yarn! If you have older kids, have them create the course for the younger kids to go through. To make sure it isn’t too hard, have the older kids go beat it first before finishing.

Jigsaw Puzzles!

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to keep the whole family occupied for a long time! Depending on the age of your kids, you make this as challenging as they can handle to maximize your time spent together! Just make sure you save all the pieces so you can do it again later!