5 Acts of Kindness that Make a Big Difference

One of the brightest spots from the past year was seeing how people connected and lifted each other up in new ways. Even when we couldn’t be together physically, we still saw how families could make a difference in the lives of others with an encouraging message or care package. Let’s keep that spirit of positivity alive in 2021, by doing small acts of kindness as a family to help our communities. Here are some suggestions for how your family can continue to make a big difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors.

  1. Community litter cleanups – Show pride in your community and help others do the same with a family litter cleanup day. Contact your city trash services to see if they know of any troubled areas that need to be cleaned up. They may also be able to provide supplies like litter grabbers, high visibility vests, gloves and trash bags.
  1. Write encouraging notes to your neighbors – Connect with your neighbors by sharing encouraging notes with them once or twice a week. When you’re able to get together safely again, you’ll have new friends!
  1. Volunteer at a food bank – People all over the world are still feeling the economic effects of business shutdowns for health precautions, and many have turned to food banks for assistance. If you are able to do so safely, volunteer to add a helping hand at a food bank line or distribution center. 
  1. Make care packages for people in need – Make care packages for occasions when you see someone in need in your community. You can make them small enough that you can carry with you in the car or in your bags. Include basic hygiene items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand wipes, and some spare change to give someone a hand.
  1. Make a video message for a distant family member or friend – Do you have a family member or friend who lives far away? Make a fun video message together with your family to say hello. You could sing their favorite song, or share fun memories with them. It’s sure to brighten their day!