Avoiding Family Activity Burnout in Quarantine

As your family stays home to stay safe and healthy, it might be tempting to schedule every free moment together to avoid boredom. Overdo it, though, and it may lead to a kind of burnout where all of the activities feel overwhelming. Here are some ways to keep your time fun and entertaining, no matter how many weeks you’ve been at home.

Use Alone Time to Recharge

No matter if you’re a family of 5 or just living with your partner, everyone needs time to themselves. When you do get a chance to be alone, use the time to relax. You can take a walk by yourself, read a book, or go on a solo car ride. Kids need alone time, too. Encourage your kids to do something on their own for short periods every day. You can even plan for everyone to work independently at the same time. That way, when you return to your activities together, everyone is rested and ready to have fun together again.

Learn Something New Together

Nothing passes the time like a new hobby! Find an interest that you can all learn about together, as a family. Each person will likely find their own “niche” within the new hobby, then they’ll share what they learn with the whole group. You can start a family garden, take up a new sport, or learn a new craft together! 

Make One Night Extra Special

If you’re working and learning from home, each day starts to feel the same. Shake it up and plan an extra special night! This will give your family something to look forward to. Set aside a day or evening when your family is together and plan something new to do. 

Think outside the box! Put on a play for a distant family member over video chat, or tell each other ghost stories. You can be silly or serious. These will make cherished memories for everyone, even while our regular activities are on hold for safety reasons.