Balancing Family Time While Working from Home

Balancing Family Time While Working from Home

Are you seeing a lot more of your family these days because of quarantine measures? With students learning from home and parents in makeshift home offices, it might feel like you’re NOT seeing your family. This might have felt great the first couple of weeks of a new work-from-home situation, but it’s likely that frustrations start to come up as time passes. 

A key to making a work-from-home situation positive is setting up a loose schedule that you’ll follow on days you have to work. This helps create a feeling of normalcy for kids as they settle into a routine, and helps parents concentrate on projects and meetings with colleagues. It can also help make your family time together even more special. 

We’ve asked some work-from-home veterans to share their own family schedules. They include things like:

  • Quiet time for the adults in the house in the morning, sometimes even before the kids wake up.
  • Routine meal times
  • A time to connect and set expectations for the day
  • Multiple blocks of time for schoolwork, which can be adjusted longer or shorter depending on age
  • Break times for kids between schoolwork, such as a short break to watch cartoons or nap. 
  • An afternoon family activity like a walk or zoom meeting with friends or family
  • A regular end to work-day activities for the parents. 

One work-from-home pro also mentioned that it is best if your family comes up with their schedule together. This way, everyone feels included and heard. Another tip is to be honest with your work teammates on what you can reasonably accomplish while also meeting the needs of your family at home. This is a unique time for all of us, and we’ll make it through together!