Dating Tips for Teenagers


Teenagers are experiencing a plethora of emotions. Thanks to puberty, new feelings and stronger emotions are in full swing during the teen years. This intense combination leads to strong feelings of like toward the opposite sex and even stronger feelings of disappointment when that like is not reciprocated. There are, luckily, some tips to dating as a teenager.

The first thing to consider is taking the time to love yourself first. It is hard to share love with another person when you don’t know and love yourself first. Don’t let peer pressure lead into a relationship that is not wanted. If you want to hang out with friends on Friday nights and don’t have interest in a romantic relationship, then don’t do it. Only participate in what you are comfortable doing in any situation, but especially in the realm of dating. Stay true to yourself and your feelings.

If the decision is made to enter into a romantic relationship with someone else, then it’s important to discuss social media. In the world today, social media has a huge impact on teen life. Because of the magnitude of social media, it is important to discuss with one another what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in the world of social media. If one of the members of the couple does not want pictures posted, then the other should respect that decision and refrain from posting photos. Whatever is discussed between the couple should be agreed upon and adhered to out of respect for one another.

It is also important to have respect for yourself. When considering dating, consider your morals and level of comfortability with sex. If you are not ready to have sex or any other of the things on the road to sex, then remove yourself from high pressure situations that have potential to escalate to that point. Discuss what you are comfortable doing with your significant other and lay ground rules. If they are not okay with your choice, then you need to consider the relationship. If your boyfriend or girlfriend can’t respect your decision to be abstinent, then they do not respect you. If your decision is to have sex, then you should talk with parents or a doctor about protection and risks. Whatever your decision, you should not go beyond your level of comfortability. Some ways to avoid high pressure situations are to date people your age or close to it. Dating people much older increases the likelihood of moving beyond your line of morality.

Dating as a teenager is not easy because of the level of intensity of feelings and emotions. This intensity makes love greater and disappointment stronger, but love is worth it if it is right. By taking your time to decide if you love yourself well enough to love someone else, by respecting others, and by communicating wants and expectations, love can be oh so sweet and oh so worth it.