Fall Activities for the Whole Family

As the school year starts and the weather cools off a little, it can be easy to fall into old routines as a family. If your country or region is beginning to get back to normal life after COVID-19 you can also miss out on some of the family time that quarantine measures made possible. Here are some activities that you can do with your family to get back together. They’re even still social-distance approved, so if you live in an area with remaining coronavirus restrictions, they’ll keep you safe at the same time!  

Adopt a Cleanup Spot

Litter is a worldwide, year-round problem. Your family can help your community, and enjoy the cool fall weather at the same time by adopting a cleanup spot. Organizations like Keep America Beautiful have local chapters that assist with supplies for volunteer groups looking to serve areas in need of a cleanup. To adopt a location and get a sign, you typically have to plan a few cleanups each year. Take before and after photos of your locations to show off all the hard work you’re doing together! 

Find the Fall Colors in your Region

Go on a drive or walk to find the best fall colors in your region as leaves turn in the autumn. If you live somewhere without a lot of trees, see what other changes happen in the landscape in the fall. What do the farmlands look like, or the mountains in the distance? Have your family draw or paint their favorite fall finds! 

Plan Your Spring Garden

If you’re interested in starting a garden, Fall is the perfect time to plan it out. Get the whole family in on plotting out what you want to grow and what you want the garden to look like. Fall is also the perfect time to build garden structures like raised beds and trellises. You can even start composting in the Fall, and it will be ready just in time for planting at the first sign of Spring! 

DIY Cozy Cold-Weather Must-haves

Before the weather turns frigid, you still have lots of time in the Fall to get your winter wardrobe ready. Try making some cold-weather staples yourself! You could try learning how to crochet to make simple scarves or sew a simple pair of cozy pajama pants out of flannel. Another easy project is a fleece shawl that can be made from a single length of fabric. Get creative and cozy with Fall crafts!