Family First Aid

Every family, whether there are ten or two members, should have a first aid kit customized to their own specific needs. When creating a first aid kit, it is important to remember that, though it is good to have, the kit does not replace advice from your doctor or any other health care provider.


The first things to consider are any special needs within the family. For instance, if there are children in the home it may be necessary to include a multitude of band aids in the first aid kit; whereas, if a family member has an allergy, Benadryl may be more important and needed in larger quantities. Always consider specific needs when beginning the kit.


Beyond specifics every first aid kit should contain pain and fever medicines like aspirin, acetaminophen (Brand name example: Tylenol), or ibuprofen (Brand name examples: Advil and Motrin).


Note from Evans and Candler County Nurse Manager June Anderson, RN MSN: Do not give children and teenagers aspirin because it has been related to a potentially serious disease called Reye’s syndrome in children under the age of 18.


Other examples may include antacids, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, sunblock, and a thermometer. To see a complete list please visit these websites: or

Once the family first aid kit is assembled, it is important to pick an agreed upon location in the home to store the kit and ensure that every family member knows where it is. Also be mindful of the supplies and replace them should they run low or expire.
Building a customized family first aid kit will provide a confidence that any household injury or ailment can be overcome quickly and efficiently. So, what is on your family’s list of specific needs?