Farm Safety & Health Week: Keeping the farm family-friendly

A beautiful smiling 4-5-year-old young girl holding a young black and white lamb in her arms whilst smiling in a sheep pen with other sheep and straw Koo Valley Montagu Klein Karoo Western Cape South Africa

September 16-20th is Farm Safety and Health Week! Farms and ranches are wonderful places for children and youth to live, work and play. But, agriculture is also one of the most dangerous occupations in the U.S. We want to cover some of the most important safety tips to keep the farm and your family as safe as possible!

Maintain Off-Limits Areas

Paragraph: Set up fenced off areas and make sure children cannot enter work zones or dangerous areas. Task one of the older, more responsible kids to watch over the play area to ensure that none of them wander off into the wrong place at the wrong time.

Set The Example

Paragraph: No matter if they’re working on chores around the farm or not, you are setting the example for how they will act. Washing your hands and changing clothes after work might not seem important on its own, but remember who is going to follow in your footsteps.

Keep Harmful Objects Away

This includes both dangerous containers of chemicals as well as hazardous farming equipment. Plows, hay mowers and anything with sharp edges need to be safely locked away from accidental access by children. Confined spaces and flowing grain hazards should be completely inaccessible without proper authority.

Keep Kids Out From Machinery

No one wants to feel like they’re discouraging future farmers but the machinery is dangerous. Even when riding next to you, there are significant risks. There have been accidents from the cab door coming open at the worst moment, and things going very wrong.

Lock All-Vehicle Doors And Remove The Key

This is especially true in the summer when the heat can bake the inside of cabs to dangerous temperatures. Making sure kids can’t get inside and accidentally lock themselves in is incredibly important.

With the right precautions in place, farms can provide a safe and fun environment for the whole family. Taking those steps might seem unnecessary, but it’s better to have the measures in place and nothing happens, than to realize you needed them too late.