Give the Ultimate Gift This Holiday Season With Your Family By Giving Back To Your Community

Use these volunteering gift ideas to give something back to your community this holiday season.

The holiday season is a time of joy, smiles, and laughter, not to mention giving. However, what if this year you could give a little more and even getting the family involved? There are plenty of volunteering opportunities available this holiday period From ringing the bell for the salvation army to helping out non-profit charities, here’s what you need to know.

Ringing the bell for the salvation army 

The salvation army collects donations at Christmas time by ringing bells in the street and at store-fronts. A rather loud, but rewarding job, the bell ringer brings in donations from all over town, a proud and exciting role if you can bear the cold.

You can also team up as a family and perform this role together, perhaps letting the kids ring the bell while you collect the donations.

Helping out local food banks 

Food banks work extra hard during the Christmas period, with volunteers donating tins and cans, to sorting shelves, and even delivering food to those in need in the holiday period (and year-round, of course).

Helping out a local food bank is a great way to get the family involved. Gather together any unused tins or cans which have been sat on the shelves gathering dust, head to the food bank and volunteer your worth – they’ll be extremely grateful for your support.

Donating Christmas presents to those in need 

No child should ever be put in the position not to receive a present at Christmas. It’s a magical time of year, spirits should be high, and celebrations should be merry. Whether you’re out shopping and want to grab an extra present or two to donate (no matter how big or small), or if you receive one, not to your taste, there’s most certainly a kid out there who would love it.

Likewise, you could sort through the house, through old boxes, and in the loft and donate old toys that are no longer used. A great way to make room for new toys come Christmas while still making a child light up with a ginormous smile come Christmas day.

Arrange a non-profit Christmas party 

One inventive yet fun way to help out your community this Christmas is to host a Christmas party. Sounds counterproductive, right? Ask each and every guest to bring along a gift, no more how big or small. These gifts can then be donated to a children’s charity, a perfect gift for kids in need this Christmas.

There are plenty of ways you and your family can help out your local community this holiday period. Whether you fancy ringing the salvation army bell and collecting donations, helping out local food banks by collecting, sorting, and delivering food, or donating Christmas presents for those in need, there really is plenty to choose from.