Healthy Diet Plan for the New Year

Starting with Halloween and carrying through to January 2nd, the thoughts of calorie counting steadily diminish. The candy, turkey, cookies, and other delectable party foods join forces in areas like the midsection, thighs, and rear end of our bodies much quicker than I’m sure we all would prefer, and that is why January and February are such busy months for fitness centers. It is hard to abandon the bad habits for healthier ones, but below are some tips to making the switch.

First of all, the best time-tested method of losing weight and keeping it off is to make a lifestyle change. Get slim quick diets are not the way to keep weight off long-term. Begin the journey by making small changes. Incorporate the gym or at-home fitness routines into your week. Start out by going two to three times per week and increase as you are able. It doesn’t matter if you do cardio work or weight training to begin with as long as you make the decision to be active and do something.

The next step to a healthier lifestyle is to watch food intake. Begin by eating smaller portions and incorporating healthier options. For instance, pasta and other grains can be replaced with whole wheat options, and dark meats can be traded for light meats. The food pyramid is a great source when creating a healthy meal plan. The proper amount needed of each food group throughout the course of each day is the ultimate way to eating healthier and fueling our bodies with what is needed to properly function.

The body functions like a machine and requires the proper fuel and drive time to function efficiently. Adequate exercise and proper nutrition are the keys to maintaining overall health and functionality, and changing your lifestyle to improve the function of your body is a good way to start the New Year.