Healthy Weight Week: Meal Planning Your Way To Better Health

One of the best ways to hold to a healthier diet is to meal plan, which can also work great for planning meals for the entire family!

Why Meal Planning?

Meal planning, creating a list of meals you plan on cooking and eating that week, can substantially help you and your family eat better. Not only that, but you can save a lot of money by cooking meals yourself. Planning your meals before going to the store helps you save time too: rather than shopping through all the aisles to choose meals on the go, you can go through with a dedicated list (which can also help you avoid unplanned snack food).

What Is The Best Way To Meal Plan?

On the day you normally go to the grocery store, pick out interesting or fun recipes that won’t take too long to cook and add all of the ingredients to a grocery list. Then, cook those for the days you planned for! Start by meal planning for one or two days a week (or a rate that seems doable based on your lifestyle) so that it won’t be too dramatic of a change at once.

Get The Family Involved!

Have a vegetable for a side? Think about recruiting someone to help prep it for you! Start assigning some of the smaller jobs to your kids to get them used to cook and prepping ingredients, and eventually they might be responsible for one of your meal plan’s days! If you add in an easier meal or side each week, you can start teaching some valuable lessons about cooking and have a great meal too!

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Ingredients You Already Have!

One of the best ways to keep your budget down is to keep track of the ingredients you already have and incorporate those into your plan. Do you have any fruits or vegetables that are close to going bad? Maybe you have some frozen meat in the freezer that is just taking up space. Take advantage of these in your planning to avoid having food go bad, and you can save a lot of money by avoiding food waste!