Help Your Community and Bond as a Family: Volunteer!

When we get a chance to spend time with our family, most of us would usually opt to relax in each other’s company rather than working hard. However, if you’re looking for new ways to bond with your kids and spouse, sign up to volunteer! Doing something positive for your community will bring you closer together as you learn new skills and work to make a difference as a family.  Here are some ideas on volunteer activities you can do together this year. 

Adopt a family for the holidays

Organizations that offer financial aid and assistance to families in need often keep a list of those who can be “adopted” by individuals and groups looking to make their holidays special. Sometimes the organizations are even focused on specific populations like military families or families who have a member in the hospital. Ask your own family if there is any particular group they would like to focus on. These programs can vary in the help that is provided, as well. Some ask adopters to buy presents for the children of the family, others ask for food and meals so the adoptees have healthy meals. If there isn’t a local organization, sometimes all you have to do is ask your friends if they know of anyone in need. As you prepare your offering to these families, involve your kids in each step, such as purchasing gifts or cooking meals. That way they’ll know what a big difference their help can make in the lives of people in their own community. 

Pitch in on a project

Organizations like Habitat for Humanity take big projects like house-building and make it easy to accomplish with the help of many volunteers. Group projects are a great way to make connections both with each other as a family, but also with other volunteers and the people you are helping. With such a mix of skills in a large volunteer group, you might even go home having learned something new! 

Adopt a spot

Is there a place near your house, or a favorite park, that seems to have litter all the time or is overgrown? Even with all the resources possible, sometimes cities have trouble getting to all the places that need attention. If you notice a location like this, look into adopting it as a family! Contact your municipality about their cleanup programs. Oftentimes they can provide supplies for volunteers such as gloves and trash-grabbers. Some cities can even put up a sign that credits your family for adopting the area and keeping it clean. You can take pride in helping keep your city litter-free and do some great work as a family! 

Looking for more ideas on how to get started on volunteering as a family? We have even more thoughts on the subject written in our blog post,: “I Want My Family to Volunteer, but Where do I Start?”