I Want My Family to Volunteer, But Where Do We Start?

Voluteer group of people for charity donation in the park

Many families with children find themselves very busy with daily life. It is hard to squeeze even one more thing into an already jammed schedule, but volunteering as a family has the ability to make a huge impact on your household and in a good way. If interested in volunteering but not sure where to start, check out the roadmap to volunteering as a family below.

The starting line can go one of two ways when you begin your journey to volunteering. Would you and your family prefer a one-time volunteer gig or a long-term opportunity? In other words, the first step is to choose one thing to take part in like a book drive for the local children’s hospital or consistent volunteering like a monthly evening at a soup kitchen. Once the decision has been made one way or the other, you’re on to the research phase of the process.

Chances are there are tons of volunteer opportunities in your community that you don’t even know about yet. Many communities have a local volunteer center that you can call to help find the right fit for you and your family. You can let them know your interests, the ages of your kids, and any other information that can help them match you with the right cause. Another option is to reach out to your church to ask if any organizations have reached out for help or volunteers. There are also some great online avenues like Volunteer Match that can help point you in the right direction.

After choosing the organization that seems right for you and your family, give them a call and speak with the volunteer coordinator. Sometimes there is training that has to be complete or forms to fill out before volunteering is possible. Make sure you check all of the boxes before simply showing up to get started, just in case. It’s also a good idea for you to visit the volunteer location before taking the kids just to make sure you are comfortable with having them there.

Now that all of the I’s are dotted, and the t’s are crossed, it’s time to prepare the kids for what is going to happen. Take some time to explain to them what is expected of them during the volunteer time and even bring the conversation full circle by explaining the impact their work is going to have.

Whether you and your family are heading outdoors, building a house, or petting puppies, just remember to have fun. If you have fun and lead by example, the rest of the family will too.