Keep A Positive Mindset with Help from the Whole Family

Are you trying to put a positive spin on your New Year’s resolutions with a healthier, upbeat attitude towards life? Get the whole family involved to give 2021 a big positivity boost! Here are some ways you and your family can foster an optimistic outlook all year long. 

Exchange Positivity Postcards

Set a regular time in your calendar to exchange positivity postcards as a family, such as once a month or a few times a year. You can each fill out postcards for every member of your family, or draw names to match people up randomly. The postcards can be from places you’ve visited as a family, or even hand drawn! Write messages to your postcard recipient that remind them of the great things they contribute to the world, how they’ve helped you recently, and special memories you have with them. Not only will the postcards be bright spots in your calendar, they may even become special family keepsakes! 

Make a Happy Jar

If you’ve heard of a “Swear Jar,” this idea might be familiar. Just like a swear jar, a Happy Jar is something you use when you’re having a bad day. However, rather than placing money into the jar as a punishment, what you’ll get out of it will be sure to make you smile. When you make a Happy Jar, you fill it with slips of paper that have positive affirmations written on them. If you’re feeling festive, you can fold the paper into different types of origami once you’ve filled them out with your affirmations. Have each of your family members contribute their own kind words to the Happy Jar. Then, when someone is in need of a pick-me-up, remind them to use the Happy Jar to brighten their day! 

Commit Random Acts of Kindness – As A Family!

If you’ve ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness, you know the kind of joy it can give you. It turns out that it’s even more special to be the one who is doing the random act! Get your family thinking of ways to show unexpected kindness to people in your community. This past year we saw a lot of creative ways to provide a bright spot in a stranger’s day, even while people were needing to stay distanced for health & safety. One family created a fairy garden at their sidewalk just for a little girl who walked by with her parents every day. Others purchased groceries for families in need. These examples, and many others throughout the year, showed us that you can create beautiful moments for people no matter the circumstances. All you need is a little creativity, optimism, and kindness.