Keeping the House Clean After Spring Cleaning

One of the most disheartening events after a Spring Cleanup is having all of your efforts undone. Here are some ways you can protect your progress from any family chaos.

Create A Schedule For Weekly Chores

The best way to hold back the tides of uncleanliness is to make sure cleaning happens at a regular pace moving forward. One of the most important parts of the process is to make sure the work is divided up fairly between members of your family, be careful about giving kids too much or too little. Make sure that each of them knows that if they make a big enough mess, they will instead be held accountable (to stop them from making messes they won’t have to clean). If a chore schedule is too disheartening, consider creating a point system, where the harder chores are worth more!

Bonus: Set Chores For More Than The Week!

Don’t be afraid to move past weekly chores and have monthly and quarterly chore assignments! This can help ensure that the bigger chores are still getting done and not piling up for next year’s spring cleaning!

Hold Everyone Accountable For Their Messes

Establish a simple rule in your house: if you make the mess, you have to clean it. It may sound simple, but actually holding people accountable for their messes is a pretty hefty task by itself. Especially with younger children, it might be more of a hassle to have them clean it up, but it will help in the long run as they learn to create less mess. Just make sure you are following your own rules and being fair, otherwise, your rule might appear unfair and harder to follow.

Donate Donate Donate

If you know you won’t use something again, don’t hesitate to donate it! Not only is this a great move to help people in your community, but it will also stop clutter from building up in the long run! If you’re on the fence about whether you will reuse it, create an event on your phone in a few months to check back!