Learning to Deal with Stress

Shot of a beautiful young woman practicing yoga at home

From studying and worrying about making good grades in dealing with an elderly parent’s failing health, stress within the family is part of life. Dealing with that stress and remaining positive in tough times is how to make it through unwanted situations. As a parent or guardian, it is important to keep the lines of communication open with your significant other and any dependents. By talking through stressful situations, there is hope and camaraderie that can help push everyone through to the other side.

Some of the things to try and to recommend to kids or others close to you are exercise routines like yoga, boxing, or cycling. Yoga, for instance, forces the mind and body to relax and be mindful of its current state and what it needs, while boxing allows for the forceful release of anger and stress. Cycling allows the brain to focus and zone out, making the thoughts of stress and tough situations fall to the wayside. Let the stress go through physical activity.

Journal writing is another outlet for reducing stress. Studies show that writing to-do lists down before leaving work at the end of the day keeps employees from stress at night. Getting thoughts out and onto a piece of paper gets them out of the head. Take up writing as a way to get all of the stress out of your overactive mind and rest easy.

If working out and writing are not exactly in your repertoire, then maybe it is time to get a family pet. All of the responsibility of feeding and walking a dog, cleaning out the litter box for a cat, or caring for another living being at all doesn’t quite seem like a stress reliever so much as a stress inducer, but hear it out. Animal Assisted Therapy is on the rise and is proven to cause positive or more optimistic feelings. AAT is being used in hospitals, elder care facilities, universities, and more. If playtime with dogs and other animals can cause patients undergoing cancer treatments to feel positive and smile, then imagine what a friendly canine or pet can do for your family.

There are so many outlets for reducing stress and keeping the communication open within your family about what is going on and how to manage it is the best key to success. Though stress is inevitably a part of life, dealing with it and choosing to be happy and on the bright side is an option too.