Managing Stress for Parents


Parents of children of all ages are forced to face many stressors in their relationships with others and in their hectic lives. Whether a stay-at-home parent or a working parent, there are many roles to juggle. Whether it’s the spousal relationship, teamwork among coworkers, or rushing kids to various extracurricular activities, the everyday life of a parent is filled with angst that can be combatted according to tips from the American Psychological Association.

First of all, it is important to create a healthy environment. The environment we choose to be in is capable of influencing behaviors. Cleaning up a cluttered environment, like a car or a home, can create a clear and relaxing environment for self and family. Keeping the home clean is something parents and children can work on together. This helps to teach children that they have control of their environment and their stresses as well.

Another tip is to take care of yourself. A strong correlation exists among health, obesity, and unhealthy choices. Making the decision to ingest adequate nutrients, participate in physical activity, and get enough sleep can make a huge difference in performance. In fact, research shows that sleep-deficient children are more likely to suffer from behavioral problems. In addition, parents have a huge influence on their children’s food choices. If parents make conscious decisions to be healthy, children will ultimately be more likely to follow that example.

There are other tips to be considered when managing the stress you carry and the stress of your fellow family members. A more complete list can be found at it is important for personal health as well as the overall wellbeing of a family for the parents to be happy and healthy and to teach the children to live in that manner as well.