New Ways to Connect with Older Family Members

Relationships with our older family members are often the most treasured in our lives. Things like hearing loss and limited mobility can change how they are able to interact with us as they age, but it’s important to connect with your elderly family members. Disorders such as dementia and depression are worsened when seniors feel isolated. 

Here are some easy ways you can help elderly family members feel connected in your day-to-day lives. 

Video Chat and Sharing

Everyone with a smartphone or computer has the ability to create videos or using video conferencing software. Video is ideal for people experiencing hearing loss, as they are better able to read your lips, and some services even come with live captions.

It may be tough to teach a grandparent how to use the technology at first, but it brightens the day of many people who are homebound. Recording events in your own lives and sharing with them is another way to keep them in the loop.

Family History Journal

One of the most valuable things an elderly family member has is their stories. Start a family history journal to preserve these memories for future generations! Collect and scan old photos, write down their memories, and record them on audio or video. Younger family members can draw pictures based on these stories, too! 

Custom Photo Postcards

How do you use your smartphone to send photos to a family member who might not have the same grasp of technology? Online services now let you send photos from your phone camera straight to your loved ones as postcards! Take a photo, upload, and write a custom message, then you’re done. Let your family know you’re thinking about them, no stamp required!