Organize Your Home Day

The holidays have ended, and reality is setting back in. With all of the running around and entertaining during the holiday season, your home is bound to need a little attention. Organize Your Home Day was implemented to help you stop making excuses and get started on getting your home back in order, so mark your calendar for January 14th.

The first step in organizing your home is to assess how bad it is in its current state. Take the time to walk through and really notice the areas that could use some attention. Make a list of things you would like done in each area as you walk through to make sure you don’t miss anything once the real work begins.

Now that you know what you want to do, determine how to make it happen. Devise a plan of action and get the whole family or your roommates involved. Decide if you want to divide and conquer the tasks at hand or all work together and check off one room at a time.

Now that you know what you want to do and how you want to do it, it is time for some ground rules and some details. Organizing your home has been allotted one day, so how many hours are you giving yourself to get all of this done? Set a time limit for each room on your list and stick to it; otherwise, it is not very likely everything on your list will be checked off by the end of the day. Also, establish some rules for decluttering. If you are going through the kitchen, check the expiration dates on things and throw them out if they’re past their due date. If you’ve finished a book already, then add it to a donation pile or take it to a friend who would enjoy it. Tell the kids that if they haven’t played with a toy in over six months, then it’s time to get rid of it. Set some parameters and rules to get rid of the unwanted and unused.

Everyone knows the rules, and the plan has been devised. Gather any needed supplies and get going. Dusters, vacuums, cleaning spray, paper towels, and whatever else you need to get the house spic and span. Start at the top and work your way done. By starting at the top of the room, you avoid mishaps like vacuuming the floors then dusting the ceiling fans and having dust bunnies fall onto your freshly vacuumed floor. Work smarter and not harder.

Taking the time to care for your home and get everything back in order is likely to lift a heavy burden from your shoulders that you may not have realized was even there. Your home is your haven at the end of the day, and having your safe space in order will help you to feel like you are in order and ready to take on new things. This is why it is important to dedicate a day to ushering out the old and organizing your home. It is not because of the nosy neighbors down the street who look a little too hard through your front window when they walk by or because of the in-laws who like to drop by unannounced or because of any other outside source. Keeping your home in order and clean is done for your personal benefit. Take care of your home to help take care of yourself.