Stroke Awareness Month – Canada


A stroke happens when blood flow to any part of the brain stops, which causes damage to the brain cells. There are various side effects of strokes that depend on the part of the brain that was damaged and the amount of damage done. Canada has dedicated the month of June to shining awareness on the various types of strokes and educating the public on how to manage strokes and the effects of them.

The website dedicated to this cause is and within its pages of content is information on how to identify a stroke when it is happening and what to do to get help. There is a diagram to help with this:FAST Stroke

Other information that can be found on the website are treatments, risks, recovery, and prevention. According to a statistic on the site, nine out of ten Canadians have at least one risk factor for stroke or heart disease, and almost 80 percent of premature stroke and heart disease can be prevented through positive behaviors like eating right and being healthy.

Other factors that increase the chance of having a stroke or heart disease are smoking and stress. Smoking is not an easy thing to quit; however, the website cites sources to seek help with quitting smoking. In addition, secondhand smoke is considered just as harmful and stroke-inducing as smoking itself. Consider those around you and the harmful affects you could be having on them. Stress can cause narrowing of the arteries, which leads to stroke, and should be controlled as well. If you have a stress-inducing job or are easily stressed, find an activity that helps to bring you calm.

There are many other tips to controlling the risk factors associated with stroke on the website that can be accessed at . It is important to educate oneself on the risk factors involved with an unhealthy lifestyle and to correct that behavior by turning it into something positive.