Summertime Safety Checklist for Your Family

Summer is a fun time for your family! All of the adventure can hold some danger, too. Here’s a checklist for you to go over with your family as you start your summer vacation. 

Social Distancing – New for 2020

Make sure your summer plans take social distancing into consideration in order to keep your family healthy and safe from COVID-19. Keep up to date with the latest news from your vacation destinations to see what is required for safe enjoyment of their facilities. Some countries and municipalities have chosen to keep residents in lockdown for longer than others, but you can still have a fun summertime together as a family at home. 

Be Safe in the Sun With Sunscreen and Shade

Doctors recommend SPF 100 for anytime spent outside, for kids and adults alike. Sunburns are serious business!

Use Caution Around Water

Teach water safety to your kids even if you only plan to go to the neighborhood pool. Summertime drowning accidents are tragically common. It’s important to wear lifejackets when in boats and to never leave children unattended near pools, no matter how deep. 

Protect Against Bugs

Exploring the great outdoors during the summer months is often a favorite memory. Don’t let a poisonous bite or bug-borne illness stay with you for a lifetime, though! Use bug spray when you hike and play, and check your kids clothes and skin for ticks and bites regularly. If one is swelling unusually or your child is experiencing odd symptoms, contact a doctor. 

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can happen before you know it, and can end up hospitalizing even the most active kid. Make sure your family is drinking water throughout the day, and taking regular breaks from intense activity. 

Keep Your Yard Safe

As you keep your yard looking beautiful to enjoy it throughout the summer, make sure you are putting your family’s safety first. Avoid using your outdoor spaces if they have been recently treated with chemicals, and use caution when using lawn maintenance tools. Also, make sure your yard is cleaned up of any potential hazards such as rusted nails, old tires, or construction debris. 

We hope everyone in the Nutrien Family has a fun and safe summer!