Supporting the Athletes in Your Family

Do you have members of your family who love team sports and games? Even if we ourselves aren’t particularly athletic, it’s important to support our loved ones in their pursuit of the win. Here are some ways to show your team spirit both at the game and at home. 

Attend Events As Much As You Can

One of the simplest ways to support your family athlete is to show up to their games and events. It shows that you’re invested in their successes and, in a way, that you’re all a part of the team, too! If schedules don’t allow for attending every game, that’s ok! Take a look at the schedule at the start of the season and set aside times for when your athlete can expect to see you in the stands. If there are non-game events like team cookouts, that would be a great time to attend, as well! 

Use Their Team Colors at Home

Sports fans almost always incorporate their favorite team’s colors into their decor. Show your family athlete that you’re THEIR biggest fan with some team-inspired interior design! The sports memorabilia doesn’t have to take over your living room, either. Just a touch here and there, like coordinating pillows or a wall hanging, will be a great way to make a nod to their passions. And don’t forget to display trophies and medals to celebrate their achievements! 

Make Time for Their Passions

Off the field or track, there may be some extra time involved in your family member’s hobby. They may need time to practice on their own, or learn more about their sport. Encourage them to spend this time to dive deep into their passion! Sports are a great way to keep active, challenge the mind, and feel accomplished. If you want, see if there’s a way you can take part in their practices. You can also enlist the help of a private coach to give them a one-on-one session to hone their skills further. 

Most of all, when your family athlete talks to you about their passions, take the time to learn about what they love! Get to know about their teammates, their goals, and accomplishments. It will show them that you care about their interests and show them you’re all in this together!