The Importance of Spending Quality Time with Family


We feel most comfortable when around our family, yet it is more often than not that our family members fall to the bottom of the daily checklist. Allowing family members to be swept under the rug is not only hurtful to their feelings and needs, but this negligence impacts self-development as well.

Studies have been conducted to show correlations between family time and emotional development, like a healthy amount of self-esteem. Consistent interaction with parents and grandparents leads children to feel valued and appreciated, which leads them to be more confident and sociable. Gaining these skills will only increase a child’s ability to communicate with peers in other settings and circumstances, and the interactions show them kindness and fairness.

Another perk to spending consistent quality time with family members is the innate ability of the quality time to promote a healthy lifestyle. Sit down meals at the dinner table are more common among families who spend consistent quality time together, and sharing meals with one another rather than from fast food establishments on the go means healthier food content. Having a support system of family members to open up to also decreases stress by providing a platform to share worries and hear from various levels of experience how to handle outside stressors and worries.

Quality time is not only reserved for children and their elders, either. Spouses, siblings, and adult children and aging parents are other groups to benefit from consistent communication and interaction with family. A spouse is one of the most important persons in one’s life, and their importance should be shown and respected through quality time without the distraction of phones and outside life. Send one another quick messages throughout the day, turn phones off when together, or take time to have breakfast or go on walks together. Reserving time for just each other will strengthen the existing bond and lower stress levels by sharing the world with one another.

Family time should be shared among the entire family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, children, parents, etc. should all reserve time to keep up with one another for the purpose of staying in touch and creating memories, but this constant interaction can also be beneficial to one’s self as well.