Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy


Women have been both gifted and cursed by the miracle of child bearing. Pregnancy can be a joy to some while it is endless queasiness for others, and the awkward requests from strangers to touch that ever growing belly isn’t at the top of anyone’s favorite things about being pregnant list. Aside from which stretch mark cream to use and what crackers are best for calming morning sickness, there are many things to consider to ensure pregnancy is a happy, and more importantly, healthy process.

The female body is designed to grow a baby, but the body needs a few extra elements when its working hard to develop that little baby. This is where a prenatal vitamin comes in. Obstetricians prescribe prenatal vitamins prior to conception in many cases to help prepare the body for a little baby. If trying to get pregnant, consult your doctor about starting to take prenatal vitamins now rather than waiting to start once you’ve conceived.

Another tip to having a healthy pregnancy is to get plenty of rest. The body is working much harder than usual and needs ample rest to keep moving. Exercise is also recommended with some restrictions. Consult your doctor for a routine that suits you.

It is also important to educate yourself on what is happening to your body and how birthing a baby happens. Like most things, it does not happen in real life the way it does in the movies. It’s recommended to join a birthing class, even if it is not your first baby, to help you prepare mentally for delivery. Another thing to consider is writing a birth plan, which typically consists of who needs to be in the birthing room, preferred positions for delivery, plans for pain medications, and whether or not music is wanted in the delivery room. No matter what you decide to include in your plan, make sure that everyone is on the same page. Share copies of the plan with everyone who will be in the delivery room with you.

Tracking weight gain throughout pregnancy also helps you keep track of your health during the process. Talk to your doctor about the kind of weight you should be gaining to make sure you are reaching the limit without exceeding it. Not gaining enough weight can be just as harmful to you and the baby than gaining too much weight.

Other things to consider are the chemicals around you. From cleaning supplies to aromas at the spa, make sure no toxic fumes are making their way into your body. Even though there are minimal risks with certain elements used at the spa, don’t take this to mean you shouldn’t pamper yourself. Pregnancy should be a time of relaxation and a little indulgence because keeping mama happy and healthy keeps baby happy and healthy.