Tips on Choosing a College


Children are not entrusted to make a decision on which daycare, elementary, middle, or high school they attend. Their first education related and big adult decision is where to attend college should that be the route they take. With so many institutions to choose from, it is a tough decision for any young adult to make. That is why has created a list of ten things to consider when choosing a college.

One thing to decide is where to attend college. For some youth, the prospect of getting far away from a hometown is very appealing, while others want to remain living in their parent’s household. Some move from a rural setting to a large city and vice versa. It is important to decide the atmosphere most conducive to learning style and what will provide the greatest likelihood for personal and academic success. Location should be one of the first considerations for choosing a college.

Another consideration when choosing a college is the size of the institution. If high school graduation consisted of 50 people in caps and gowns, then a larger institution could seem overwhelming. On the other hand, part of the college experience is stepping out of known comfort zones and experiencing new things. It is important to determine on one’s own the level of adventure that is adequate or necessary to succeed and not be overwhelmed.

A third, and one of the most important things to consider, is the curriculum of the college. If the plan is to go into medicine, then a school known for liberal arts may not be the best choice. Like so many new high school graduates, many rising college freshmen do not know what field of study provides the most interest, and that is okay. However, knowing that Language Arts is more within a realm of interest than Biology could lead you to choose a more liberal arts focused institution that will offer programs of study that align with potential careers better than a college that produces the best nurses in the state.

Choosing the right college is not an easy task, but it is a possible and very often achieved task. If a college is chosen that, after one year, does not align with set goals and intentions, then it’s possible to transfer to a school that will. The first choice does not have to be the one and only when it comes to a college that will teach the skills and provide the knowledge necessary to excel in a career.

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