What’s Your Health IQ?

The world’s concern with overall health and wellness is consistently growing, and the experts on these subjects have taken note of the interest. Technology has made it possible for wellness information to reach anyone wanting to know their Health IQ.

The CDC’s Health IQ App and websites like healthiq.com have made it possible to test and increase one’s knowledge base of health. With questions about the minimum SPF needed to protect yourself from the sun and how many seconds are necessary to wash hands to kill germs, the CDC application sports a game show atmosphere to entice users into playing for IQ points. Titles like “A+ Student”, “Public Health Nerd”, and “Hot Mess Achievement” can be earned based on skill level. The game can be played repeatedly in an effort to improve score. The app’s fun game format makes it suitable for child learning as well. Children can play and formulate a knowledge of wellness at an early age that will last their lifetime. The app is free and can be found at the Apple App Store or at Google play on Android.

Healthiq.com was developed to “celebrate the Health Conscious”, according to the mission statement. The team members in charge of Health IQ each worked through a health challenge of their own or walked alongside a family member inflicted by a health challenge, which instilled within them the need to share knowledge of health practices with others. By utilizing a team of experts, questions designed to measure knowledge, skills, and experience were developed to cover four categories: nutrition, exercise, medical, and integrative. The data is collected after all questions are answered, and a Health IQ score is generated. In addition to the formulation of a Health IQ score, healthiq.com provides a Health Literacy Blog that covers food, exercise, and medical health topics.

Overall health and wellness is an important yet easily neglected piece of everyday life. It is a choice to be healthy, and the choice has an impact not only on ourselves but on our loved ones who count on us to be around for the unforeseeable future. The choice to be healthy is not always an easy one, but it is a choice that has lasting effects.

To determine your Health IQ, download the CDC’s Health IQ App or visit https://www.healthiq.com/. ​