10 Fun Things to Do with Kids This Summer


Summer vacation is something students of all ages look forward to throughout the school year. For many kids, their parents do not get to enjoy this break from work alongside their children, but that does not mean that kids are unable to have fun during the summer months. In between family vacations and the start of another school year, there are many activities to participate in that are inexpensive, fun, and that can be done at home or in the backyard.

For example, a backyard campfire with hot dogs and the makings for a delicious s’more can provide fun relief from a typical weeknight meal. The campfire can even be something as simple as lighting the grill rather than building a roaring fire. It’s not the setting but the activity itself that provides the fun. Build a fun fort inside to carry on the camping theme.

Other backyard events to host include a carnival or stargazing session. Face paint, popcorn, and fun outdoor games make up a humble carnival that a family could host for neighbors or just enjoy themselves. If stargazing is the chosen activity, do some research beforehand about constellations and see who can find the most.

If you want to take a craftier approach with activities to enjoy with the little ones, use Popsicle sticks to build a birdhouse, make puppets and put on a show, or make a family yearbook with the things you’ve done together so far in the year. These sort of activities take up a good amount of time. Imagine the feeling of pride and accomplishment that will accompany the completion of these projects.

If education is important to enrich throughout the summer months, make weekly trips to the public library to choose books to be read during the days, or have the kids interview an older family member about what their life was like when they were younger. Some say experience is the best teacher, and who has more experience than Great Uncle Tony? I’m sure some children would be surprised to learn how their older relatives grew up without iPads and other electronics.

Other forms of education would include running a lemonade stand. Learning how to charge people for a product, how to make the product, and how to make change for the product’s payment can be very educational.

Loading up for a trip to the Farmer’s Market can also teach children about where their food comes from. Take the fresh ingredients home and try a new recipe together to extend the fun, or use the fresh items to pack a tasty picnic and head to the backyard or local park to enjoy it.

The possibilities to create a fun, memorable summer are endless; however, if these ten things do not strike you or your children as interesting or fun, check out Care.com’s list of activities at https://www.care.com/c/stories/3331/101-fun-things-to-do-with-kids-this-summer/ . Let the kids go through the list with you and pick things that interest them. It will only make the experiences more fun if they’re handpicked. Just remember, no matter which activities are chosen, the point of these many choices is to enjoy something new and exciting to cut the boredom of t.v. and the mundane. Choose things that may carry your family a little outside of your comfort zone or area of expertise and enjoy doing it.