10 Twists on Retro Games for all Generations

If you’re a family with multiple generations under one roof, chances are you’ve had some disagreements about what types of games are the most fun. For older generations, Fortnight can seem as foreign as Monopoly might be to young kids. Here are some fun twists on classic games that will make them new for everyone! Some of these suggestions are mashups of games, and others incorporate new rules. Try them out with your own family! 

Monopoly Cards

Many are familiar with the rules of the game Monopoly, even if some families use their own “house rules” in order to make the game flow more smoothly. If you’re ready to change up the gameplay a bit, try adding an element of strategy with a deck of playing cards. Assign a number to each “suit” of the deck, for example, making heart cards add an extra two moves to every dice roll, or diamonds as one less move than the roll. Before each player rolls the dice, have them draw a card. Depending on your preference, you can make the added (or subtracted) amounts apply automatically, or players can save them for later. This can make the game go by faster and create some surprising strategy moves from all players regardless of their skill level!

Battleship Balloons

Play battleship with balloons, not bombs! Instead of playing battleship across the table, use a whole room – split up a large area with a divider such as a sheet that makes it difficult to see the other side. Assign players to teams and have them sit or lay in positions on the floor.  With a balloon, have one team member try to “strike” the team members on the other side of the divider. Just like in the game, the “targets” can’t move. If you get hit, you’re out! The first team to get the opposite team out wins! 

Reverse Hide-and-Seek, aka Sardines

Sardines is a new take on hide-and-seek! Instead of one person being “it” and finding everyone else, choose one person to go hide. Then, everyone else has to find them! As people find them, they have to join in at the hiding spot. Things can get silly as everyone tries to fit. The last person to find the group is the next person to hide. This method of playing the game challenges people to find hiding spots big enough for the whole family! 

Timed Charades

Try playing charades, with a timer! Whether you buy a set of cards with suggestions or make a list of words for your teams to act out, set a timer of 30 seconds per card. The team with the most correct guesses in 5 minutes wins! This keeps the game moving and fun – if the team can’t guess one, they can move on quickly to the next. 

Truth or dare Jenga

Use Jenga blocks for a fun game of truth or dare! Using a traditional set of Jenga blocks, write down family-friendly, truths and dares on each one. When a player pulls out a block, they won’t know which one they’ll get. Some ideas for prompts can be along the lines of, “Truth: When was the last time you picked your nose?” or “Dare: Boop the oldest person in the room on their nose.” Make them as silly as you like for the most laughs!

Guess Who – Family Edition

Using a traditional Guess Who board, swap out the characters for photos of people you know in real life! You can even use celebrities, or people in your community like teachers or your mail man! 

Super Scrabble

Scrabble is a great way to test your vocabulary skills. This variation doesn’t stop at the edges of a board! Buy extra tiles on Ebay to play “Super Scrabble.” Divvy up the tiles that you have among players around a flat surface. Play off of each word that is presented, in as many different directions as you can. Players get points based off the tile scores, and you can play until all of the tiles are used up! 

Killer Clue

Instead of guessing which character is the killer in a regular game of Clue, change things up by having one of the players be the suspect! Before you start the game, have everyone draw a slip of paper that says if they are a normal player or the killer. Then, the “killer” has to pretend not to know who it is, much like the popular video game, “Among Us.” 

Candy Land – with a sweet treat

Candy land is a board game where players are racing to find the candy king, and you can sweeten it up by using real candy as a reward! Use all your leftover Halloween candy and place it on the different colored squares of the board to sweeten up your game-playing session!

Team Twister

Make Twister accessible for all ages by teaming up family members in pairs. Depending on their physical abilities, you can assign team members one of two ways- Either, each time picks a person to be the right or left sides, or pick a person to be the hands or feet. You might think this makes it too easy, but the difficulty comes in with so many people on the board!