5 Craft Ideas to Pass the Time

5 Craft Ideas to Pass the Time

Are you worried your kids will get bored with coloring pages while social distancing at home and find more mischievous ways to pass the time? Here are some fun craft ideas from an elementary school art teacher that will help you pass the time, with minimal mess!

  1. Paper Painting

Tear up different colored paper and have your kids use it to color in a drawing of their own by gluing the pieces in place. The paper can come from old magazines, wrapping paper, craft paper, recycling – anything! You can even use fabric scraps to fill in your materials. Just make sure they don’t try to use any important documents you’ll need to work from home! 

  1. Photo Scavenger Hunt

If your kids are old enough to use a phone camera, send them on a photo scavenger hunt throughout your house. Rather than finding items, give them creative prompts to then go take photos of. Your prompts could be simple like, “Take a photo of something blue,” or complex like, “show me what it feels like when you can’t find your favorite toy.” Kids can even work in teams to try to get all of the prompts, and you can alternate who comes up with them. When they’re done getting the photos, print them out and start a gallery of your family’s favorites!

  1. Superhero Masks

While you might be fighting your kids to keep their masks on in public to protect their health, this fun activity will help them feel like they can fight any bad guys that come their way! Use a paper plate to start, then cut out a paper plate for eye-holes and two holes for the string on either side to tie it on. Then, your kids can color in their favorite superhero’s armor, or invent a hero of their own! This activity keeps them busy for the time it takes to make the mask AND the playtime that is sure to follow.

  1. Origami – on a large scale

Are you wishing for more time to yourself while your kids are at home? The Japanese art of origami might hold the key. Tradition says that if someone folds 1000 paper cranes, they will be granted a wish. While it’s a challenge to get right, once kids learn a few basic folds, they can create beautiful sculptures out of simple square pieces of paper. Learn how to fold an origami crane together at SavingCranes.org.

  1. Fairy Doors for your Neighborhood

This idea not only keeps your family entertained, but it also gets you outside and can even help entertain your neighbors! Go on a walk around the neighborhood and find a place near the sidewalk or trail where it needs a little magic. When you get home, build a miniature door for that location. You can make it out of scraps of cardboard, paper, fabric, or salvaged pieces of wood. Get creative with decorations, too. Then, place the “Fairy door” for a couple of days. Make sure to gather the materials as the weather breaks it down though, fairy doors aren’t meant to be permanent!