5 Fun Fitness Games For Families

Do you remember when fitness became more about reps and less about play? There’s no reason you can’t put a little fun back into your healthy routine! These games can be played by the whole family, whether you have a big yard or you play at a local park. Try them out and put your own spin on them for a game that’s entirely yours. 

Obstacle Course

Find objects around the house  (no breakables!), yard, or park to make an obstacle course in a long loop. Think of ways you can make each racer use objects to change it up. For example, one racer could have to sit a rolling chair and pull themselves down a hallway with a length of rope. You could even split up into teams and make it a marathon obstacle course, with contestants tagging in other members of their team. 

Animal Race

An animal race puts a wild spin on the average foot race. Instead of simply running from point a to point b as fast as you can, draw the names of animals from a hat that you will have to move like for the race. You can hop like a frog, crab walk, or even try to slither like a snake. Take turns assigning judges to give rankings on how well each racer did portraying their chosen animal. 

Mirror Challenge

Pair up your family members for a funny mirror challenge. On the count of 3, one set of contestants gets into a difficult pose, funny faces included! The other half of the contestants must attempt to make the same pose. If they trip, fall, or start laughing, they’re out! Keep going until you have a winner! 

Freeze Tag Yoga

Pick a few different yoga poses that everyone in your family can do. If you can, print out pictures so everyone has reference to the poses and can learn. Then, draw straws to pick who is “it.” When the person who is “it” tags someone, they have to freeze into a yoga pose of that person’s choice for 10-15 seconds. Then, they’re “it!” Have fun learning yoga together, and having a healthy competition!

Newspaper Snowball Fight

If you live somewhere it rarely snows, or just don’t feel like getting bundled up to go outside, a newspaper snowball fight is a great way to let off some steam this winter. Clear a room of breakables, then bundle up newspaper, or even wrapping paper, to become your “snowballs.” You can use the same rules as dodgeball if you want where you pick sides and someone is “out” if they get hit, or you can let chaos reign! It’s up to you. Just remember to make a rule that no one can aim for each other’s face, just like a real snowball fight. 

When you have fun together as a family, you can make fitness a part of your daily life. Enjoy these fun fitness games that will get you active and laughing with your kids!