5 Healthy Dishes Perfect for Kids to Help Cook

Celebrate National Nutrition Week and teach your kids about healthy cooking at the same time! Here are 5 ideas for healthy dishes that you can use to get your kids more familiar with the kitchen. 

1. Oatmeal Cookies

Have your kids help you mix up the batter for some healthy oatmeal cookies. They can even choose which dried fruits and nuts to include for an extra tasty treat. 

2. Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

Spread deli sandwich toppings on a wrap instead of bread, along with some cream cheese. Then wrap it up tight to make Pinwheels. Slice the rolls into thin pieces and your kids can arrange them on a plate for the family

3. Homemade Pizza

Your kids can help with every step of a homemade pizza! Mixing the dough, rolling it flat, and putting their own spin on placing the toppings will keep them entertained for a while! 

4. Stir Fry

Older kids can help with a yummy stir fry dish. Prepare shrimp, cut vegetables such as peppers and broccoli, and noodles. Then toss it all together in a wok with hot oil. You can have your kids help stir the ingredients up in the wok. Be mindful of any hot splatters. 

5. Mini Quiches

Use a muffin pan to make mini quiches. Your kids will have a great time choosing which fillings to include, and an even tastier treat once they’re done baking!