Avoiding Sports Injuries


Encouraging children to participate in extracurricular activities is a positive thing for a parent to do. Some parents push children toward the arts while others choose the sports arena. Ultimately, as parents, the goal is to get children involved in activities that teach them things such as teamwork while also providing the child with enjoyment and fun. The best way to ensure an activity is fun is to keep it safe and injury free. There are steps below to keep little ones in the game rather than on the injured list.

The first tip provided by kidshealth.org to help keep children free from sports related injury is to warm up before playing. It’s not good for the body to enter into a state of activity immediately without a little preparation beforehand. The website article suggests light jogging followed by stretching to get the muscles loose and ready to play.

Another important key to staying safe in the game is knowing the rules of what is being played. Some sports are heavy contact sports, like hockey, while others, like soccer, are not. If a soccer player bounded down the field with a hockey player’s attitude, injury would likely occur to the player and his or her teammates. Knowing the rules of the game and what sort of behavior and contact is allowed will help to keep all team members safe and having fun.

Avoiding play when an injury has already occurred is another way to keep safe when playing sports. If a child is hurt enough to leave the game, it is best to stay sidelined for the remainder of the game. It is hard to know the extent of an injury so close to the time of its occurrence, and being safe rather than sorry is a good attitude to have. By pushing the limits of an injury, it’s possible to cause a worse injury that could keep little one on the sidelines for a long time.

Participating in sports and other activities is a great way for children to learn how to work in a team environment and how to communicate effectively with peers. Many parents encourage outside activity because of the skills to be learned and the fun to be had. Maintaining the fun and staying injury free is not hard to do when adhering to the tips above.