Brain Injury Awareness Month: Keeping Your Kids Safe from Concussions

Nothing is quite as scary as your child getting permanent brain injuries without warning and without any signs. Here is a quick guide to concussions and how to keep your kids safe


Every Sport Has Its Risks

While football rightly receives the most attention and concern for concussions, it’s by no means the only sport you need to keep an eye out for. Hockey, lacrosse, and even soccer have risks of sustaining head trauma. While there are measures being put in place in most sports, such as no hitting the ball with your head in soccer, research shows this might not be enough. Part of what makes concussions and residual brain trauma so hard to spot is that it doesn’t come with a concrete set of symptoms.

Concussions Are Easy To Miss

When we think of concussions, we usually tend to think of the symptoms from the worst of concussions: being knocked unconscious, extreme dizziness, and nausea. But this is not a good way to judge concussions since less than 10% of all concussions involve a blackout. Concussions can happen in much milder circumstances and can lead to long term damage as a result of stacking up. Research shows that any activity where your head is suddenly moved in a direction can result in a concussion. Symptoms from mild concussions are much harder to spot and can emerge even after they get up from the hit. Keeping an eye on them for around six days after the injury, and make sure they get lots of rest.

Even Small Concussions Can Stack Up

If the concussions continue to happen, no matter the size, they can start to create permanent damage. Known as persistent post-concussion symptoms, it can create a whole host of problems in the long term. With symptoms like headaches, dizziness, irritability, loss of focus, memory loss, and insomnia there are serious consequences to repetitive concussions. Should these symptoms emerge, you need to take immediate action to stop the concussions from continuing. Even while it might not be the most popular decision, removing your kid from the source of consistent concussions might be the only way to make sure the rest of their life isn’t filled with problems.