Canada’s Food Allergy Awareness Month


The month of May for Canada is known as Food Allergy Awareness Month, and Food Allergy Canada is dedicated to creating awareness of food allergens and conducting research on how to combat them. Two accomplishments that the group is especially proud of are their part in making food labels easier to read and understand and their ushering in the groundbreaking legislation to protect students at risk for anaphylaxis. Some information about common food allergies can be found below.

People can be allergic to any food, but some food allergens are more common than others. Health Canada has created a list of priority food allergens and has had certain labelling requirements put into effect to keep those with allergens from harm. Eggs, milk, peanuts, and seafood are some of the most common food allergens, and a longer list can be found at .

Tips for being more allergy aware, according to Food Allergy Canada, are:

  • Read ingredient labels every time you buy or eat a product.
  • Do The Triple Check and read the label:
    • Once at the store before buying it.
    • Once when you get home and put it away.
    • Again before you serve or eat the product.
  • Always carry your epinephrine auto-injector.
  • For tips on eating out, visit our guide for dining out with food allergies:
  • Check with manufacturers directly to see if the product is safe for you even if your allergen is not listed on the ingredient list.
  • Be careful when buying products from abroad, since labelling rules differ from country to country.


For more information about various food allergies and how to treat and deal with them, visit the Food Allergy Canada website. This is a great resource for how to manage allergies at school, at work, and in the event of anaphylaxis. Food Allergy Canada is dedicated to providing information to the public year round but hopes May will bring extra awareness to what people living with allergens put up with on a daily basis.