First Aid Skills Every Kid Should Know

Do your kids know what to do in a first aid emergency? If an accident happens and the adult in a situation is injured or sick, kids can often be the only ones available to help. They can also help their friends when they are injured to get the care they need. September 12 is World First Aid Day, it’s the perfect time to teach these first aid skills every kid should know! 

Call for Help

Help your kids memorize the emergency phone numbers in your area. Keep them on a laminated tag for the backpack or coat so they have them at all times. Teach them that if someone is hurt, the first thing to do is look for someone to help them. Also, make sure they can clearly describe your home in order to tell emergency workers what room an accident happened in. Practice making calls to the emergency service. 

What To Do if Someone is Unconscious

What would your child do if they found someone unconscious? Beyond calling for help, teach them how to check for breathing, open the person’s airway by tilting their head back, clear the area of obstructions for emergency workers, and, for kids above the age of 9, how and when to administer CPR

Ice & Rest for Bumps, Bruises, and Sprains

Kids can often think that their parents make “everything better” with just a kiss. Share with them that there’s more to it than that. Teach them that they need to rest a hurt part of their body when they fall or have an accident. If a bump or bruise forms, show them how icing it for short intervals can help make it feel better. 

Cleaning and Dressing Injuries to Prevent Infections

Even before your kids can understand germs, you can show them the importance of cleaning injuries. If they take a tumble and skin their knee, clean it up at the kitchen sink and bandage it up. Explain to them that you’re protecting it to help their “boo-boo” heal. 

The best way to get children prepared for emergencies is to enroll them in a kid-friendly First Aid and CPR class. The Red Cross offers many programs and there are many local organizations that have similar services. Babysitting classes are also a great way to teach teens how to help others with first aid, too. It’s never too early to start teaching them how to respond in a crisis! 


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