Fun Holiday Ideas for Kids

Young man showing his little son how to paint wooden xmas toys

The holiday season is exciting for adults and children alike and often brings out the childlike side for all generations. Very few things in existence can compete with the magic of the holidays, and children are afforded the opportunity to embrace and share that magic with the free time of not being in the classroom. Below are some ideas to make the empty days full of laughter and holiday magic.

  1. Sing. There is a reason so many holiday songs have been written and recorded, and the old classics along with the new melodies are meant to be enjoyed. What better way to wrap presents, decorate, or do household chores than to sing-a-long as the work is done. Jingle Bells! Another way to have fun with Christmas carols is to have a family karaoke competition or to dress up in nice Christmas garb and carol around the neighborhood.
  2. Enjoy Christmas stories. Whether there is a preference for movies or books, it is always fun to relish in favorite holiday tales during the season. Wrapping a stockpile of books, movies, or both to holdout for the month of December is a good cure for anxious little un-wrappers. On certain days of the week or multiple days of the week have the little ones choose one book or movie to unwrap and enjoy with the whole family. Include Christmas cookies, popcorn, or other treats to make the evening extra special. On Christmas Eve the gift could include a new set of holiday pajamas as well.
  3. Photography fun. With do-it-yourself photo booths at an all-time high popularity level, creating fun holiday props at home and having a family photo session seems like a no-brainer for a cold night indoors. Use cell phones or cameras to take selfies and pictures of one another. This is a good opportunity to let loose and enjoy laughs with the family. Be goofy and silly and just have fun.

So many other activities can be done during the holiday season. Baking cookies is a classic, making homemade ornaments, creating Christmas countdowns, and many others that become traditions for many families. The most important thing when considering activities for the family is to consider the kind of memories to be made. Even though the gifts are nice, Christmas is about family and spending time with one another in many ways.