Gardening Activities with Your Kids!

The one time you don’t mind seeing your kids playing in the dirt!

Spring is here and it’s time to start gardening! One of the best ways to get kids involved in some physical exercise and maybe even some chores without them realizing it.

Have A Plant Growing Competition!

Separate out a space for growing the same plant (green beans, flowers, or your choice!). Give each of your kids the same instructions for how to care for their plant. Then allow them to plant and water their plants, and see whose plant can grow the fastest! As an added lesson in responsibility, you could choose not to remind them to water their plants and see who can do it consistently enough to win.

Give Every Child A Plot of Land

Section out squares of your garden and buy as many varieties of seeds as you are planning on using. Assign a square to each of your kids, and let them choose what to plant where. Help them water their tract of land every day to slowly grow their own little square, and be sure to keep an eye out for weeds!

Let Them Water The Plants

If they are too young to be planting and growing independently, have them help you out by watering the plants! It’s a great way for them to practice responsibilities and can be a fun exercise. Plus, they can feel all the more responsible for the vegetables when it comes time to eat them!

Turn It Into A Learning Experience!

Teaching your kids about the different parts of the plant has never been such a hands-on experience! By growing actual plants, you can teach them about the different parts of the plant, which ones they can eat, how they will grow, and more by showing them the plants you’re growing!