Great Pet Therapy Ideas for Your Kids

Sometimes when your kids are stressed out or overwhelmed, you can help them out through pet therapy! While it might not be official pet therapy, just taking them to visit or interact with animals can give them a much-needed boost to their moods. Here are a couple of great ideas for animals you can go visit to help your kids out!


Not the first animal you’d think of, but one of the more exciting ones! Consider taking your kid’s horseback riding to help them relieve stress! One of the benefits of using a horse for some pet therapy is that you need to use your full attention while riding one, and it’s hard to be distracted while you’re that focused! Studies have shown that using horses as therapy animals can really boost your child’s confidence and eases anxiety.


The most common and thought of therapy animal, visiting and interacting with a dog is a great way to receive some pet therapy time! While the dog does need to be specially trained in order for it to be official pet therapy, you can have a great time and relieve stress by just visiting one! Some public libraries and universities even have dedicated days where licensed pet therapy dogs are available to be pets, so keep an ear out!


An especially good animal for any kids who might be afraid of dogs, cats can be a great source of comfort for anyone seeking pet therapy. Cats might have a reputation for not being cuddly, but pet therapy cats are the exception to the rule!

Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

Smaller furry animals can also make for great pet therapy treatments! While not as popular as some of the other options, studies have shown that smaller pet therapy pets can provide kids with the same amount of comfort and companionship, fine motor skills, emotional benefits and behavioral benefits as dogs do!