Have a Heart – With Art!

February isn’t just the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day. As Heart Health month, we celebrate the heart and all the amazing things it does! Here are some art projects that give your little ones a chance to express their own hearts in creative ways. 

Ribbon Hug

This project helps kids give hugs to anyone, even if health concerns or distance don’t allow for a good old fashioned bear hug. It’s called a ribbon hug! To make it, have your kids trace both of their hands on construction paper. Then, cut them out. Take ribbon in your kid’s favorite color and ask them to stand with their arms outstretched to either side. Use the ribbon to measure from one palm of their hand to the other, then cut the ribbon. Use glue to secure each end of the ribbon to the hand cutouts. You’ve made a ribbon hug! The receiver of the gift can wrap the ribbon around themselves and remember how much they are loved by your family! Write encouraging notes and decorate the hand cutouts and ribbon however you like to include extra love.

Tape Heart Paintings

Here’s an easy way for kids of any age to make fun, modern looking art. Pick up a canvas at a craft supply store. Pick one color paint for the background and paint the canvas that one color. Then, have your kid pick what design they want to make on the canvas. They could do a heart, or the word “love,” or maybe what even comes to mind when someone asks them what they love, themselves. Keep it simple! Then, using tape, “draw” the design with pieces of tape on top of the one-color canvas. When they’re happy with the design, have them paint with as many colors, textures, patterns and brush types as they want. Once they’re done, set it aside to dry for a couple hours. When it’s dry, you can go back and have them peel up the tape they put down for the design. The original paint color will show through all of the paint they put down on top of it, and you’ll have fun new art for your home! 

String heart cards

All you’ll need for this project is heavy paper, colorful yarn, a pen, and a bobby pin. Using the pen, poke holes in the heavy paper in the shape of a heart. Then, loop the colorful yarn through the end of the bobby pin. Your kids can then use the bobby pin to “sew” the colorful yarn into the holes of the heart shape! They can criss cross the yarn all over the heart shape from holes on either side of the heart to try different patterns. They could even change yarn color if they want. When they’re done, just tie a knot in the yarn on the backside of the paper to stop the yarn from slipping through the holes. It’s a great intro to simple sewing, and makes a sweet card for family or friends for Valentine’s day!